501 Tech Club: Cultivate Prospects and Build Lasting Relationships

NetSquared Victoria (Victoria, BC) is part of NTEN’s 501 Tech Club program. Join the NetSquared Victoria online community to chat with others in your region and get notified of future events.

Selling your organization or start-up’s value to funders can be as nerve-racking as a blind date! But don’t sweat it, whether you’re the only fund-finder in your organization or you’re a generalist trying to do it all, our seasoned NetSquared Victoria panel will give you a boost.

Cultivating and building lasting relationships with donors and investors takes patience, research, tools…and a plan. What is the best technology for your organization? What type of fundraising initiatives will produce your desired result? How can you best leverage investor and board relations? What do you really need to understand about your funders?

On June 23, join NetSquared Victoria for a discussion panel on the bountiful world of fundraising. Linley Faulkner will moderate a panel of experienced fundraisers from non-profit, charitable and tech start-up sectors. We’re lucky to have Don Gordon (Dogwood Initiative), Erin Athene (Ladies Learning Code), and Britt Fetherstonhaugh (Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society) participate in the discussion.

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