15LCS Half-Day Training – Igniting Passion to Get Results: Building Your Digital Strategy for Impact

This is one of five half-day trainings taking place the day before the 2015 Leading Change Summit in Washington, D.C. Half-day trainings are open to both LCS attendees and non-LCS attendees. Space is limited.

In this training, we will explore how to make people care about your organization as much as you care about your issues.

“How do I know that I have the right skills on my team to effectively execute my digital strategy? Why can’t I get better click-through rates on my email blasts?  Why are my fundraising numbers down? Why isn’t anyone going to my site? Why don’t we have new followers on Twitter?”

In this participatory workshop, Forum One will teach you methods for defining your organization’s persuasion messages—both internally and externally—and developing strategic content. We’ll help you learn to create results with existing audiences and cultivate new supporters and truly active followers that love your .org.

Speaker: August Adams
Speaker: Joey Tackett
Joey has built his career developing and managing brands for associations, startups, and Fortune companies, with a focus in brands for cause-driven organizations and grassroots programs. Combining his training in television news with graphic arts, his approach puts visual storytelling at the core of brand building. His knack for crisp messaging, strong visual design and understanding of brand perceptions blend to create memorable brand experiences. He received his B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from Marshall University in West Virginia.