Location: Virtual

July 11, 2018 · Bethany Lister , Erin Doherty

Member Orientation: July 2018

Cost: Free

Join us for a short chat about NTEN’s mission, programs, and resources.

August 28, 2018 · Ken Montenegro , Will St. Germain , Alexis Hancock , Ash Shepherd

Town Hall: August 2018

Join us for our quarterly Town Hall gathering, where we talk about the big-impact issues affecting nonprofits. NTEN’s CEO Amy Sample Ward will host a discussion on cybersecurity, with special guests.


April 25, 2018 · Will Valverde , Theresa Bugeaud

Webinar: M+R Benchmarks 2018: A Close Look at the Big Picture

Cost: Free To All

Your digital program is a mosaic made of countless tiny pieces swirling around each other in constantly shifting patterns: email messages, web visits, social media posts, and digital ads; clicks, advocacy actions, and donations; fans, followers, and subscribers. Join us for a free webinar where we’ll explore the latest M+R Benchmarks Study and take a look at the big picture.