Location: Virtual

July 26, 2017 · Yesenia Sotelo

Course: Advanced Google Analytics

Cost: $125 to Member/$250 Nonmember

You’ve got the basics of Google Analytics down—now learn advanced features like segmenting, goals, and campaigns to get the most from your website’s data.

June 14, 2017 · Mark Root-Wiley

Course: Anatomy of a Website Redesign

Cost: $125 NTEN members/$250 non-members

You know you need a new website, but how do you get from that idea to a beautiful, functioning, mission-driven .org? Understanding the redesign process ahead of time is crucial to prepare your organization to get a website that works and lasts, whether it’s built in-house, with a volunteer, or by a consultant or agency.

June 21, 2017 · Jeanne Allen

Course: Volunteer Management

Cost: $125 NTEN members/$250 non-members

Are you ready to create a vibrant volunteer culture in your nonprofit? Discover how building a culture of volunteer engagement for your nonprofit increases organizational capacity. 

June 7, 2017 · Yesenia Sotelo

Course: Intro to Google Analytics

Cost: $125 NTEN members/$250 non-members

Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the information in Google Analytics. In this course, we’ll cover just the data points that are most applicable to your nonprofit’s website. You’ll walk away with easy-implement tools and tricks to improve your website immediately.

June 28, 2017 · Ben Bisbee

Course: Advanced Community Engagement

Cost: $125 member/$250 nonmember

Not sure how to use Twitter? Think Instagram is just for beautiful photos? Wondering how to even use Snapchat? Learn how community engagement excites and unites your community, especially when each method or platform is used to its greatest potential and intent.

September 13, 2017 · Mark Santiago

Course: Advanced Digital Engagement in Fundraising

Cost: $125 for Members/$250 for Nonmembers

It is easy to get caught up in new technologies and chasing the latest trend only to lose track of the bigger picture. In this advanced course, learn how to build a strong foundational strategy and focus on how to connect, communicate, and cultivate donor relationships through digital marketing to achieve greater success.

July 12, 2017 · Alice Hendricks , Misty McLaughlin

Course: Becoming a Digital-First Organization

Cost: $125 member/$250 Nonmember

Becoming a digital-first organization offers the chance to make a bigger impact on your most valuable resource—your supporters—and almost always leads to higher ROI. But it’s challenging to make the transformation to digital-first without breaking the old models of how nonprofits are organized: who sits where, does what, and reports to whom.

May 31, 2017 · Ben Bisbee

Course: Intro to Fundraising Email Strategies

Cost: $125 members / $250 nonmembers

Email can be a powerful fundraising tool to engage your supporters and donors. However, it’s easy to fail if you’re not strategic. Your emails are not just up against the other informational or inspirational messages in someone’s inbox, they’re also competing with the potential donor’s other priorities.

September 19, 2017

Certificate Core: 2017 Fall Cohort

This is the Fall cohort of the Certificate Core, a 10-week intensive online training cohort that covers foundational topics for technology across all departments of an organization.