Download a PDF of the entire guide, including notes for a facilitator.

Watch an October 29, 2020 community call discussing how the guide was created and how you can use it in your organization.

In 2016, NTEN’s board retreat and staff planning meetings included a facilitated activity to identify trend lines into the future for our community and the broader sector. Were there things that would get better or worse, easier or harder, or become more necessary or less valuable? We grounded our work in the directions we saw ahead. The topic that had consistently high consensus by both board and staff was an increase in inequity within the sector and a growing need for equity-based guidance.

We knew then that we wanted to co-create specific guidelines for equitable nonprofit technology use and creation. Still, we wanted to first invest in establishing a concrete baseline for those conversations. This involved soliciting more community-authored articles related to equity, crafting intentional equity-related sessions at the NTC, and being far more public about NTEN’s internal equity work.

In 2019, we saw how much had already happened since our internal conversations had started and didn’t want to put it off any longer. We convened a diverse working group from across the NTEN community. Through interviews, feedback surveys, facilitated discussions, and content creation in small groups and the full working group, we arrived at a complete set of guidelines addressing the use, creation, and funding of technology. NTEN’s board and staff, as well as the Community Equity Committee, were also engaged in the process of getting us to the content we have now published.

Just as our organizations change over time, so too will this guide. Your use of it, and your feedback, will contribute to the entire sector becoming more equitable. We are committed to advancing the impact of the NTEN Equity Guide by extending its reach and adoption through periodic updates. If you would like to be part of future discussions of the guide’s content or would like to join the work group, please email Amy Sample Ward, NTEN’s CEO.

Thank you to all those across NTEN’s community who contributed to the NTEN Equity Guide, especially the work group members:

  • Rajneesh Aggarwal
  • Emilio Arocho
  • Dee Baskin
  • Idalin Bobé
  • Afua Bruce
  • Sam Chenkin
  • Barbara Gorzinski
  • Amanda Jarman
  • Jason Kelley
  • Tracy Kronzak
  • Ken Montenegro
  • Tristan Penn
  • Drew Pizzolato
  • Leah Roderman
  • Kirk Schmidt
  • Jason Shim
  • Rubin Singh
  • Dar Veverka
  • Teresa Wang
  • Amy Sample Ward