Nonprofit Tech Readiness

Nonprofit Tech Readiness (NTR) is a six-month regional program focusing on early- to mid-career nonprofit professionals. Its goal is to elevate nonprofits’ technology capacity significantly by strengthening participants’ knowledge of technology best practices and teaching them how to advance a technology project specific to their work.

For more than eight years, NTEN has facilitated NTR cohorts across the U.S. in several interest areas thanks to funding and partnerships with foundations. Currently, there is one NTR program operating:

How does it work?

NTR combines online and in-person educational sessions and leadership development. Participants learn from nonprofit technology experts and receive guidance and training to support technology projects at their organizations. This capacity-building program meets the diverse needs of nonprofit staff struggling to implement technology solutions that make meaningful change in their communities.

The educational sessions reflect the major departmental areas across an organization. This high-level overview provides every participant, regardless of their current role, a full view of best practices, strategic decision-making processes, and knowledge for managing technologies in all areas of an organization. Additionally, they’ll learn to benchmark their capacity against similar organizations (not just the big names in the sector) and find appropriate partners to realize their plans.

NTR includes:

  • Online Learning: a series of educational sessions that cover the core competencies of technology planning, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation across an organization
  • In-Person Learning: one-day workshops to provide skill-building and networking while helping participants advance their technology project planning
  • Leadership Development: facilitated process to coach participants in providing project feedback, practicing and modeling experiences they can replicate in their organizations
  • Technology Projects: guided projects that will make a critical and lasting impact on participants’ programs including direct support on project planning, culture change, and successful path for implementation

Are you interested in supporting an NTR cohort in your region? Email NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward.