Certificate Core: Participant FAQ

The following information is intended to serve as a resource for participants in the Certificate Core 10-week cohort. This includes those participating in one of our other programs that overlap with the Core as well.


1.Participation Guidelines #

Whether participating in the Core to complete your Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, Digital Equity Professional Certificate or as a participant in one of our other cohort programs that overlap with the Core the guidelines are the same.

Registration and acceptance into the program are on an individual basis, not organization-wide. This allows for a single individual to have access to the online courses, participate in the online community, submit homework, etc.

2.Orientation Materials #

Below is a copy of the orientation materials for the general Certificate Core. Please note that there are different Orientations for each of the programs that overlap with the core. Links to those program-specific materials are located below as well as in the Orientation Course you are enrolled in within the Online Learning Center.

Certificate Core Orientation

The following video is from the live orientation call that took place on April 7, 2020

Slides Only – Only the slides from the event.

3.Systems Overview #

The following is some general information about each of the various systems we use throughout the program.

3.1.NTEN.org - Your Starting Point #

One Account, One Login
You will only ever need to log in at nten.org with your main account. From there you will able navigate to the other areas of the site and platforms without needing to log in again.

Learning Dashboard
The Learning Dashboard is your central hub for seeing your progress in NTEN certificate programs and courses. To learn how to access your learning dashboard view the video below.

3.2.Online Training Center #

The Online Training Center is your hub for all your learning activities during the Core program. You will have access to all materials, dates, and links needed to participate in all aspects of each week’s topic. View the tutorial below for accessing the Online Training Center.

3.3.Weekly Live Event - Webinar Platform #


Getting access to each week’s live event is easy. Simply navigate to that week’s course and click on the link within the virtual classroom.

Live Event and Recording Link

You can also use the link provided in the calendar event for each week. However, you will need to navigate to the link within the actual course to access each week’s recording (see notes below).

Webinar Login
No need for passwords and all that. Just sign in as “Guest” and use a name that allows us to identify you in terms of marking your attendance at the live event.

Webinar Login

After each live event, we switch immediately switch the virtual classroom link to point to the recording. The recording is interactive so any links shared or files available for download can be interacted with as well.

Adobe Connect App

The platform we use is Adobe Connect. You will have the option to download an app (which you can find and download here) or access using your browser with no need to install anything.

3.4.Online Community Group #

Navigating To the Online Community

Again, start by logging into your account at nten.org. From there you can watch the tutorial below for accessing a community forum post.


Community FAQs

There is a fairly robust Help FAQ resource for the online community space as well as an explanation of our Community Guidelines.

4.First Action Items #

During Week 0 (Orientation Week) there are two action items you can complete to help you be prepared to jump into Week 1.

Action 1: Online Training Center Orientation
Be sure to take a few minutes to complete the Online Training Center Orientation course. This will give you a chance to make sure you know how to navigate a weekly course before you have to jump into the first topic.

Action 2: Learn how to navigate an NTEN course
Be sure to take a few minutes to orient yourself on how to navigate an NTEN course. This will give you a chance to make sure you know how to navigate a weekly course before you have to jump into the first topic.


Action 3: Introduce Yourself 
Within the Online Community group, there is a thread titled “Welcome & Introductions”. Take a moment to introduce yourself and get to know your peers who you will be learning with and from over the course of the cohort.

5.Schedule #


Below are the calendars for each of the Certificate Cores programs for reference and so you can subscribe to add it to your own personal calendars. The dates are the same but the links to live events for each program are unique so be sure to subscribe to the correct calendar.

iCal Feed


iCal Feed

6.Core Topics & Descriptions #


You can find a full description of what is covered during the Core here. You can also view the course catalog to see what will available as well as part of your participation in the program.

7.Accessing Support #

You can reach out to us at any time for assistance at training@nten.org

You can also share any questions in the Online Community and where we keep an eye on things and will respond so everyone can see the response. We also use this space to share answers in a public manner if we find we are getting multiple email requests around a similar topic.

From these two places, we can also look to schedule a call or video chat in order to get you the support you need.

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