1.Reporting #

There are two monthly reports: the KPI report and the Snippet report. Both reports are due on the 7th of every month for the preceding month. For example, March data is reported on April 7th. If the 7th falls on a weekend or holiday the reports should be filed on the business day that proceeds the holiday. Specific dates are marked on the reporting calendar below.

Key Performance Indicator Report

The KPI report is where you share your service numbers. Each month, you should be tracking and reporting the number of new participants, total participants, training hours, lab hours, volunteers trained, volunteer participants, and staff trained. See details for each KPI in the slides below. (You can advance the slide.)


Snippet Report

These snippets are shared with NTEN staff and sponsors. Some snippets may be featured in outreach or marketing materials. The goal is to a) identify best practices and digital inclusion trends across cities b) celebrate fellow accomplishments c) promote successful Fellowship program. Tell us your best stories!

2.Report Links #

3.DIF Calendar #

This calendar will have:

  • report due dates
  • courses
  • webinars
  • group calls
  • other important events


Add To Your Calendar
Looking for an easy way to have all the important deadlines and call details added to your Calendar automatically? We’ve got you covered. You can use this iCal link below to subscribe to the C4 Fellows Calendar or use the “+Google Calendar” button in the bottom right corner of the calendar below to add it to your Google calendar.

iCal Link


4.Shared Drive #

An online folder to share presentations, pictures, resources, etc.

Link to shared folder 

5.Schedule a Check-in #

Every Fellow must schedule a check in with the DIF cohort Manager once a month.

Link to scheduling tool. 

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