Learning & Development in Nonprofit Data & Tech

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NTEN courses run for one week and are offered twice a year.

“I was drowning when I got my first role using data & technology for mission-driven work. Endlessly lost in googling, countless hours re-doing work I messed up, sleepless nights in fear of messing up again, and consistent pressure to work with systems and information I didn’t understand. But with the right mixture of motivation, environment, and support, I became an actual professional using data & tech to help move organizations towards achieving their missions. I always say, if I could come from a theater and literature background and have this stuff start to make sense, then anyone can do it!”
Course Instructor, Emily Hicks-Rotella

Course Overview

Instructional Design

Create a learning and development plan (at one of several levels — individual, team, or organizational).


Identify your own preferred learning styles and those of others.

Resourceful Curation

Choose amongst different learning and development opportunities for the right people at the right times.


A great data and tech culture at a mission-driven organization may only be as good as the organization’s overall learning and development culture. That’s because there is exponentially more to learn each day about how to use data and technology for mission and impact. So how can you keep up? How can you keep staff members engaged when they don’t consider themselves “techies?” How do you support and manage data and tech learning even if it isn’t “your thing?” In this course, we’ll answer these questions and more as we dive very, very deep into learning cultures specifically for data and technology in mission-driven work.

The pre-reading for this course will give us a shared language to talk about learning and development within organizations and get us thinking about different approaches and opportunities for learning in general and how to apply those lessons to this topic.

We’ll look at practices in the workplace, including sharing our own experiences. Then we’ll create a matrix to help decide on the most effective and enjoyable learning paths for individual learning styles across your organization.

After the course, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one of the following homework projects:

  1. Create a learning and development plan for yourself or an individual on your team.
  2. Create a learning and development plan for your entire team.
  3. Create a learning and development plan for your entire organization.


Emily Beth Hicks-Rotella

Nonprofit Data & Technology Strategist
Make Tech Work For You
Profile Photo

Emily's vision statement: All mission-driven, social justice-oriented people and organizations will have the confidence and skills to learn, use and love data & technology as part of achieving their missions.

Emily has over a decade of experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to support their data and technology culture and strategy. As part of this work, Emily supports staff members to learn, use, and love their data and technology, adds capacity to teams and organizations that need additional technical knowledge and skill, and uses a uniquely human and non-technical approach to develop and support a culture that sets up staff and organizations for success using data and technology for their missions and impact. Emily lives in the Bronx, New York with their wife and two young children, and when they aren't being a total data and tech nerd, they are either singing outside, snowboarding, skateboarding, reading, or getting more tattoos.

Blended courses run for one week and offer a mix of self-paced and live events to offer both the flexibility you need with the personal connection you want.
Pre-Work (Readings & Quiz)

Live Event

Recording Available
20-30 mins (Self-Paced)
20-30 mins (Self-Paced)


Several relevant articles will establish key concepts and ideas as a primer to the live event, and help you to identify questions and topics you want to explore further.

Knowledge Check

A brief quiz will reinforce what you've learned so far. Don't stress - it isn't pass/fail - it is just to help you remember and distill the concepts you read in the pre-work.

Live Event

This is a 90-minute live captioned online training with opportunities to interact with the presenter and your peers. And if you can't make the live session, you'll be able to access a captioned recording.


Faculty, themselves experts with a wealth of nonprofit experience, have created exercises that will reinforce what you've learned and give you actionable steps to improving your organization.

Earn While You Learn - Professional Credits

In addition to our own Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, NTEN is an approved provider for a number of other professional credentials programs. This course qualifies for the following credits:


NTEN Professional Certificate