Expanding Digital Inclusion in Your Community

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I really appreciated getting personal feedback on my homework. All in all, it was a good class, perfect for my skill level. I look forward to attending more!
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Course Overview


How to identify the digital skills needs in your community and create a training calendar


How to promote this schedule to your community while building a coalition of support


Why celebrations are so important and how sharing success stories results in more participation and support from partners in the community


Millions of Americans still lack internet access at home and many more lack the basic digital skills to accomplish critical tasks like conducting job search, communicating with friends and family, or researching information online. Based on research from Pew Internet, we know these people are older adults, have lower incomes and educational attainment, are immigrants, or have a disability. One of the best ways to address this need is to meet those people where they are and provide training.

However, simply hanging fliers or adding a blurb to a newsletter won’t bring people in the door. We’ll cover strategies and tools for how to listen to community needs, respond with classes that meet those needs, and work with trusted partners to spread the word is a proven way to provide the support to close the digital divide in your community.


Kami Griffiths

Executive Director
Community Technology Network
Kami Griffiths is the executive director and co-founder of Community Tech Network, a nonprofit with the mission to transform lives through digital literacy. With nearly 15 years of experience working in the public sector, Kami has developed a passion for helping people gain access and better utilize technology, after witnessing firsthand how the digital divide and low literacy levels were aiding the cycle of poverty. She has worked for the City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation, managing 27 public access computing centers, teaching computer classes and establishing their volunteer trainer program. As the Training and Outreach Manager for TechSoup Global, Kami greatly expanded her knowledge and understanding of the nonprofit technology field, having conducted over 200 interviews with librarians and producing over 100 webinars. She is a founding member of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) and speaks nationally about digital inclusion.
Blended courses run for one week and offer a mix of self-paced and live events to offer both the flexibility you need with the personal connection you want.
Pre-Work (Readings & Quiz)

Live Event

Recording Available
20-30 mins (Self-Paced)
20-30 mins (Self-Paced)


Several relevant articles will establish key concepts and ideas as a primer to the live event, and help you to identify questions and topics you want to explore further.

Knowledge Check

A brief quiz will reinforce what you've learned so far. Don't stress - it isn't pass/fail - it is just to help you remember and distill the concepts you read in the pre-work.

Live Event

This is a 90-minute intensive online training. Presented by expert faculty in a state-of-the-art interactive learning environment, there are opportunities to interact with the presenter and your peers in real time. And if you can't make the live session, you'll be able to access a recording.


Faculty, themselves experts with a wealth of nonprofit experience, have created exercises that will reinforce what you've learned and give you actionable steps to improving your organization.

Earn While You Learn - Professional Credits

In addition to our own Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, NTEN is an approved provider for a number of other professional credentials programs. This course qualifies for the following credits:


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