Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate’s 10-Week Cohort

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This Online Core program runs for 10 consecutive weeks and is offered twice a year

I feel more prepared and informed in areas where I had really just jumped in and learned on the fly. It has also raised some important questions about how what I do with technology can contribute to the strategic direction of our organization. I feel more empowered to make a case for incorporating technology into our service delivery.
Former Certificate Core participant



This 10-week intensive online training cohort covers foundational topics in nonprofit technology that transcend the department and job role. The Core fulfills one of the major requirements to complete the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate.

  • Leadership: Culture and Change Management
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media
  • IT Planning
  • Data Management
  • Metrics and Evaluation
  • Campaigns

In addition to the 8 weekly topics, there is a final assignment which provides further opportunity to receive direct feedback from faculty on the topic most relevant to you.

The Certificate Core is offered twice each year, in fall and spring. It can be taken by itself for $750 for NTEN members (or $1500 for non-members), but most people complete the Core as part of the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate. Check out the prepaid option for the best pricing on the Certificate.

Certificate Core Topics

Week 1: Leadership: Culture and Change Management

“Change is a threat when done to me, but an opportunity when done by me.” Technology projects often involve change management as your organization adapts to a new CRM or way of working. Many projects fail due to a lack of adoption from key influencers inside your organization. Increase the likelihood of success by analyzing your audiences, and learn practical frameworks and best practices to help you manage when implementing change in an organization.

Week 2: Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership is an approach that centers resilience, listening, trauma, anger, and building consensus. This week you will focus on understanding how to build community through affirmation and communication, active listening, and assertive communication within your own team as well as with the communities you serve.

Week 3: Digital Strategy

Watch this video with instructor Demetrio Maguigad for a preview of Week 3.

New digital platforms bring together people and information in real-time, which poses significant challenges for today’s nonprofits. It means rapid shifts in opportunities and threats arising from being digitally connected, and perceptions about people, organizations, and issues. All these have the potential to derail your digital goals.

Nonprofits must understand and integrate this increasingly connected world into their campaigns in a strategic way. This module will help participants simplify complex technologies and prepare them to respond to new digital realities.

Week 4: Social Media

Watch this video with instructor Charrose King for a preview of Week 4.

Is your organization using its social media presence effectively? This course looks at ways to build an effective nonprofit social media strategy. You’ll learn how to develop a consistent and authentic social media identity, create engaging content, reach your target audience, and use analytics. Together, these topics will help you build a framework for your social media strategy.

Participants will also build and get feedback on social media campaigns they can implement immediately.

Week 5: IT Planning

Watch this video with instructor Steve Heye for a preview of Week 5.

Every organization should have a technology plan. How the plan is created, managed, and implemented will be different for every organization. We will talk about different types of technology plans, what they focus on, and how to get started with your plan. Technology plans without a budget are like a road trip without gas, so we will also cover budgeting for success.

After this session, you will understand the basics of technology planning and budgets, know where to start, and have some tools to understand and improve your organization’s current technology maturity.

Week 6: Data Management

Watch this video with instructor Janice Chan for a preview of Week 6.

Data is powerful only so far as we can use it and trust it. Often times in nonprofit organizations data is thought of simply as an end product. Issues arise when there isn’t sufficient planning around methods of collection, standards for storing, and management over time. How can we create structures and processes that support data-use across our organizations as well as over time?

During this course, we’ll discuss key logistical considerations, structures, and processes to prevent issues down the line when everything feels like a moving target.

Week 7: Metrics and Evaluation

Collecting, housing, and maintaining data is only the first part of creating an effective evaluation program. Whether you are focused on internal-facing metrics or external based programs there are some foundational best practices that should be kept in mind to keep you on track.

During this course, we will cover a wide range of resources, frameworks, and processes you can use to make sure you are gaining the insights needed to keep your organization on the path to greater impact.

Week 8: Campaigns

Watch this video with instructor Heidi Massey for a preview of Week 8.

Campaigns are unique in that they often serve as an intersection across traditionally siloed teams and focus areas for an organization. During this course, we will work through strategies, frameworks, and best practices to help guide you through the overall lifecycle of a successful campaign, from planning to implementation, all with a focus on engaging and learning from your community throughout the process.

Be prepared for a discussion that will get you thinking about a particular campaign your organization is currently developing or getting ready to begin. You will also have a chance to develop some core elements of a campaign and get feedback directly from faculty.

Week 9: Final Assignment

This week is your chance to focus on the topic most relevant to you from the previous eight weeks and take it even further. The final assignment is your chance to develop an action plan for a current/future project within your organization with an opportunity to get additional feedback directly from faculty.

With resources to guide the process and an opportunity for direct support and feedback, this week will set you up for success as you head out of the program.

Week 10: Final Session

In this final session, we share learnings and wins from the final assignments efforts, tips to maximize the practical application of the courses, and stay engaged in the NTEN learning community.

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Michael Reardon

Manager, Business Consulting Services
Profile Photo
Mike manages the Business Consulting Services team at Blackbaud, which is comprised of the organizational readiness/change management practice, strategy/data analytic consultants, and action planning interactions. The BCS team is charged with helping clients further their organizational capabilities and taking full advantage of their technology solutions. He brings over 15 years of experience in different areas of organizational communication and change management including corporate culture, new technologies, social media, interviewing, and public speaking. Before leading the BCS team Mike ran the change management practice for Enterprise clients. Prior to joining the Blackbaud team, Mike worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston where he was twice honored with Faculty of the Year awards. In addition to his teaching duties, he conducted and published research on how corporate blogs and other new technologies affect corporate culture, and how social media could be used to create a “personality” for an organization, virtual teamwork, and related topics. Mike lives in Charleston, SC with his wife and their four children.

Monica Eveline Curca

Founder and Director
Activate Labs
Profile Photo
Monica Curca is a peacebuilder and strategist working at the intersection of social transformation and storytelling. Monica has designed and led strategy for immersive storytelling and social engagement campaigns with Palestinian Youth Movement at Standing Rock, Mothers of the Movement against police brutality and The Refugees Welcome Project. These campaigns have been featured on NPR, the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Vice News, and Aljazeera. Monica is the founder and director of Activate Labs, a design strategy, storytelling and transformational peacebuilding organization that centers those directly impacted by violence, poverty and oppression to tell their own stories and lead their own transformation. Activate Labs has developed the “Frame Design Process”, and facilitates experiential and participatory design processes and workshops around the world. Monica holds two Masters Degrees from the Heller School for Social Policy in Management at Brandeis University, in Sustainable International Development and Conflict and Coexistence and has lectured at USC School of Media Arts and Practice, Occidental College, and University of California Irvine.

Demetrio P Maguigad

Strategic Design Director
LimeRed Studio
Profile Photo
Demetrio P. Maguigad is a community educator, creative producer, and communications strategist working in the field of nonprofit communications for over 15 years. He is currently the Strategic Design Director at LimeRed Studio where he leads the strategic development, management and research of web projects for nonprofits, universities and social enterprise organizations. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College Chicago where he teaches the Social Media & PR Strategies courses and conducts curriculum research and design in the Marketing Communication Department He was formally the New Media Manager at Community Media Workshop where he led the organization's on-line strategy and provided strategic online communications training and consulting. He is a co-convenor of NetTuesday Chicago, a monthly meet-up group for nonprofit communicators, web advocates, technologists and developers bridging the gap between technology and grassroots community development. He has presented his work and consulted for a number of organizations including The National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, ART NY, Center for Book Arts NY, Mott Foundation, Michigan Nonprofit Association, Global Donors Network and many more. He is also the host and executive producer of the Chicago is the World radio program on the international format of Chicago’s WHPK 88.5 FM where he has featured both local and international musicians, artists, community activists and storytellers for the past five years.

Charrosé King

Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist
Howard University
Profile Photo
Charrosé King is a graphic designer and communications specialist. She earned a bachelor's degree from Parsons the New School for Design in Communication Design and a master's degree from Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. She has worked in public education, international development, mental health, and now works in higher education. She is the Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist for Howard University's Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. A hardcore NTC enthusiast, Charrosé is a seven-time-attendee and three-time-presenter. She has presented sessions about social networking, design principles for the non-designer, and cultural context in communications.

Steve Heye

Social Impact Business Solutions Manager
Oracle Netsuite
Profile Photo
Steve Heye is a Business Solutions Manager at NetSuite (Oracle) where he acts as a technical expert on the Social Impact team which donates the NetSuite solution to nonprofits. He is the author of Chapter 1 on IT Alignment in the NTEN book, Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission. With over 20 years experience working with nonprofits and technology, Steve brings a real passion and unique set of experiences to the NPTech community. Previously Steve was the Manager of Technology at The Cara Program. He was responsible for driving the organization's strategic use of technology. He also has experience as the Digital Content Services Manager at the YMCA of Metro Chicago. He was responsible for managing all aspects of the YMCA's digital content creation including the web sites, intranet and social networking. A key role in Steve's past was with the Technology Resource Group at the YMCA of the USA for about ten years. He provided resources, conferences, and training that allows YMCAs nationwide to better leverage business systems and technology. Steve has a Bachelors degree in Finance from North Central College. You can keep up with Steve's thoughts and tips regarding nonprofit technology issues on his blog:

Janice Chan

Profile Photo

Janice Chan never was able to pick one thing to be when she grew up. While grown up status could be debated, what she currently does is consult ( and teach data management in NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate Program. Originally from New York, Janice arrived south of the Mason-Dixon Line via St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Post-graduation, Janice served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA before officially joining the nonprofit sector. She has worn hats in data management, volunteer management, marketing and communications, grant writing, curriculum development, program management, technical training, change management, and project management. In short, Janice has spent more than a dozen years organizing and restructuring information so that teams can work together more effectively and focus on their missions. She also enjoys editing, making playlists, and figuring out how we could do this better. You can find her on Twitter @curiositybone.

Isaac Shalev

Profile Photo
Isaac combines technical, product and digital marketing knowledge with a keen sense of how people and organizations relate to technology and change. As president of Sage70, Isaac helps nonprofit organizations envision change, plan strategy, and put technology to work.

Each topic runs for one week and offers a mix of self-paced and live events to offer both the flexibility you need with the personal connection you want.
Pre-Work (Readings & Quiz)

Live Event

Recording Available
20-30 mins (Self-Paced)
20-30 mins (Self-Paced)


Several relevant articles will establish key concepts and ideas as a primer to the live event, and help you to identify questions and topics you want to explore further.

Knowledge Check

A brief quiz will reinforce what you've learned so far. Don't stress - it isn't pass/fail - it is just to help you remember and distill the concepts you read in the pre-work.

Live Event

This is a 90-minute live captioned online training with opportunities to interact with the presenter and your peers. And if you can't make the live session, you'll be able to access a captioned recording.


Faculty, themselves experts with a wealth of nonprofit experience, have created exercises that will reinforce what you've learned and give you actionable steps to improving your organization.

Earn While You Learn - Professional Credits

In addition to our own Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, NTEN is an approved provider for a number of other professional credentials programs. This course qualifies for the following credits:


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