Category: IT

Unlock the power of connecting your systems to save you time and energy, and help your organization meet its goals more efficiently.

Working with technology, we frequently hear about new services. This intro-level course will show you how to tell which systems and tools are right for you, and what questions you should ask to make sure they integrate in a way that makes your life easier. With new services for CRMs and other databases launching daily, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to procrastinate (or even ignore) opportunities that can help your work. Let’s tackle those questions together, and explore these services in a new light.

Join us to gain a rich understanding of how integrations work, and why they can work magic. We’ll analyze your daily tasks and the hard things you don’t enjoy. Then we’ll dive into real integrations for your digital properties and fundraising strategies.

This course was previously titled Tech Integrations for Success.

When it comes to complex technology projects, the challenges of scope, budget, vendor relations, ROI, timelines, change management, and resources can be overwhelming obstacles to success. Nonprofits often have limited capacity to effectively manage technology projects.

Learn how you can overcome those obstacles and successfully take on complete complex projects. This course will help you ask the hard question that is critical to any project’s success: What problem are you solving?

Once you’ve established that a project is worth taking on, we’ll guide you through a sample project charter. The project charter is a guide to important questions to be addressed at the beginning of a project and serves as a reference point throughout. Finally, we’ll look at some of the tools and techniques you can use as a project manager to help with a well-conceived and planned project stay on course through completion.

Deepen your understanding of data constructs such as references, normalized data, and survey question types. We will unpack the feedback loop cycle and evaluate how feedback is integrated (or not) into current data management practices within your organization. We’ll demonstrate sample key performance indicators (KPIs) and survey data in use at other organizations, including an overview of website analytics.

You will also work on documenting your existing KPIs, if any, and develop a plan to investigate desired KPIs which are not currently tracked. We will discuss processes to identify and prioritize the adoption of internal reporting team-wide and strategies to implement a culture of decision-making that is driven by data.

This course was previously titled Advanced Data Management.

If you’re storing and working with data regarding members, donors, volunteers, clients, donors, credit cards, and so forth, you are a potential target—and you need to have a solid IT security strategy. Information breaches and other hacks cost organizations significant amounts of money to resolve and damage supporter confidence.

Nonprofits of all sizes are often at greater risk for the following reasons:

  • Nonprofits typically lack IT and IT security knowledge.
  • Nonprofits tend to have fewer IT-related staffing resources.
  • Hackers can steal as much information from 10 small nonprofits as they can from one large business.

In this training, we will provide a general overview of what IT security is and why it’s important. We’ll walk through some bad practices commonly found in nonprofits and the potential security risks in those practices, and we’ll provide some basic procedures and recommendations you can implement immediately.

This course was previously titled Intro to IT Security.