Category: Fundraising

You know you could be doing more with your fundraising efforts, but where do you begin? The answer lies in your data. You’re already collecting valuable information about your donors and their behavior, so it’s time to start putting it to good use.

Get the skills to analyze your development and fundraising processes and activities to identify useful data, which you can use to engage donors and increase income. You’ll learn to define metrics to track your development efforts and fundraising. We’ll also explore how organizational culture, processes, and policies help or hurt your journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

You will also learn to evaluate your organization’s readiness for this journey of becoming a data-driven organization. And you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on how you can spearhead a data-driven mindset within your organization.

Organizations often wait until an event or campaign is over to tell the story of it. But where’s the fun in that for your audience? How does that help them feel connected to your work?

In this course, you’ll learn how to use multi-channel storytelling to compel your audiences to engage in your mission with you rather than watching you after the fact. You’ll learn how to master turning even the most day-to-day tasks of your organization into compelling narratives or behind-the-scenes videos to create shared experiences. These experiences integrate results and impact in emotional ways to help you gain the trust and support of your donor community.

We’ll also look at a variety of case studies and create your organization’s storytelling strategy. You’ll learn how to plan internally for storytelling projects, how to use timeless storytelling techniques to create compelling content, and how to map your stories across multiple platforms.