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Encourage inclusion and equity at your organization with SMARTIE goals

Learn how to make your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion actionable and tangible by implementing SMARTIE goals.

Five ways events can help you find new donors

Every nonprofit needs new donors. But how and where can you find them? Read this guide to using event fundraising for donor cultivation.

By Kelly Velasquez-Hague

Tech tools to improve collaboration

Tired of navigating all the emails generated by team projects? Whether your colleagues are in your office or across the country, learn about collaborative tech tools that can help you better communicate and move forward.

By Sophia Guevara

Step onto the NTC stage with an Ignite or Featured Session

Ready to share your big idea or story on how the internet helped further your work? Submit your applications now for Ignites and Featured Sessions, two opportunities to speak at 19NTC. The deadline is December 7.

By Amy Sample Ward

Unlock a Giving Tuesday donation match

On the biggest single giving day of the year, Facebook is running a match campaign for US-based nonprofits. Learn how to make the most of this match and activate your fundraising “deputies” on Giving Tuesday 2018.

By Michael Rasko

Six steps to implement your client tracking database

Ready to find a new data system and vendor partner? Before you start, taking stock of several key factors will ensure your path to implementation is smooth and successful.

By Betsy Block

Think you don’t have time and budget for video? Think again.

We all know video is key to a compelling digital campaign, but for so many nonprofits it seems too expensive, labor-intensive, and requires equipment and skills that nonprofit marketing teams don’t have. But new tools are helping nonprofits tell their stories in incredible new ways, through the voices of their constituents.

By Nick Jones , Lyndal Frazier-Cairns

Unlock the power 🔌 of emoji search 🔍

Have you ever thought of conducting a search without text? How about using emoji? I’ve recently been looking into it and have found emoji search on social media to be surprisingly powerful.

By Sophia Guevara

Three free data sources you didn’t know you had

You know there is data out there that can help you make good decisions about your nonprofit’s programs – but how do you find it? These three tips will help you get started.

By Senovia Guevara
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