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7 emails to send that aren’t fundraising asks

Are you stuck trying to figure out what emails you can send to supporters that aren’t focused on fundraising? Read on for suggestions you can start using today.

By Taylor Elizabeth-Rose

Making presentations accessible

You know that your website’s design should be accessible to everyone, but do you bring that same intention to your presentations? Or are you inadvertently excluding part of your audience from the story you’re telling? Keith Casebonne of Disability Rights Florida tells you the easy things you can do to include everyone.

By Keith Casebonne

Job advice from 19NTC career center mentors

19NTC mentors coached dozens of attendees on their résumés. Find out the advice they shared that can help you in your career.

By Erin Adams

Promote your initiatives with Google Ad Grants

How can your nonprofit use up to $120,000 in online advertising from Google Ad Grants? Start by promoting your strategic initiatives.

By Michael Rasko

A human-centered approach to PSAs

For Empower Work’s first PSA campaign on the buses of San Francisco, the nonprofit used human-centered design principles to test their creative materials and overall approach.

By Lauren Brisbo

Spring cleaning your CRM

Unreliable data can negatively affect your decision making, relationships with funders, and abilities to reach your goals. Get tips on creating your data management plan. 

By Simone Price

Choosing a nonprofit accounting tool: top six questions to ask

Selecting the best accounting tool to meet your nonprofit’s needs can help you get organized and run your operations more smoothly.

By Pia Simeoni

How to create lasting relationships with your advocates online

Learn how the nonprofit Girl Up developed a dedicated online community as an engagement and retention tool, providing rich opportunities for dialogue and conversation, and furthering its mission.

By Matt Ott

#TimeToRedefine: making a video invitation to join community

Learn how the nonprofit Thousand Currents produced an award-winning video to serve as a year-end fundraising tool and an invitation to become part of their community.

By Verónica Moreno

Recruit new supporters and advocates using Facebook Messenger

Learn how advocacy organizations like Movimiento Cosecha use automated Facebook Messenger conversations powered by bots to boost fundraising, awareness, advocacy, and engagement.

By Patricia Murphy , Randall Smith
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