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Five common mistakes in website Request for Proposals

Mistakes can be avoided and the best partnerships are formed when website RFPs are well prepared. Get tips on what not to do when creating your next RFP.

By Chris Steins

Make analytics useful by making them noticeable

Need help promoting a data-driven approach at your organization? Making the data easier to access is a key first step.

By Clayton Dewey

For stronger fundraising, invest in data stewardship

Need to improve your donor data? Avoid the trending buzzwords, and go back to the basics with data stewardship.

By Tim Sarrantonio

Design your way to efficient data management

Frustrated with your organization’s low-quality data? Good news: you can fix it! Get tips on examining your systems and mapping your data flow.

By Janice Chan

The journey to low-cost mapping solutions

Digital maps can be transformative vehicles for data visualization and powerful visual storytelling. Learn how to make the most of budget-friendly APIs, open source libraries, and service plans for your nonprofit.

By Mark Reeves

Transform your volunteer processes with these five tips

To streamline your volunteer management systems, consider a five-phase approach to improvement.

By Dhruv Khattar

Announcing the 2019 Digital Inclusion Fellows

Nine emerging leaders from from North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Utah will hone their skills and develop new and enhanced digital literacy programs for adults in this year-long Fellowship.

By Leana Mayzlina

Want compelling stories? Make friends with the people on your front line

Building relationships with programs staff is the best way to find the stories that your donors and supporters need to hear. These are the six steps to finding compelling stories in your nonprofit’s work.

By Kristy Hayter

Don’t let your fundraising strategy go to seed

NTEN’s Membership & Engagement Director Lyndal Frazier-Cairns offers these tips on cultivating smart fundraising strategies all year long.

By Lyndal Frazier-Cairns

The basics of multi-factor authentication and single sign-on

Beyond 12’s Chris Co explains why and how implementing single sign-on and multi-factor authentication can mitigate cybersecurity threats.

By Chris Co
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