a group of community organizers smiling and holding up signs that say what community they're from
NTEN community volunteers at 16NTC

Help the NTEN community connect, learn, and change and join a network of fabulous volunteers by serving as a moderator.

Subject matter expertise is not necessary. Successful volunteers have a genuine curiosity about the group topic and enjoy helping people connect. Basic responsibilities include welcoming new community members, making sure posts get responded to in a timely manner, and seeding discussion posts.

If you’re serious about starting (or reviving) a group or joining an existing moderation team, we’d love to hear from you! Read through the following points and fill out the application form. Direct questions to community@nten.org.

Position Details


Each group is typically led by 2-3 volunteers. Basic responsibilities include welcoming new community members, making sure posts get responded to in a timely manner, and seeding discussion posts.

Time Commitment

The average time commitment is between 2-4 hours per month. Most volunteers are able to incorporate forum management duties into their everyday life as creating and responding to posts is something they’d do anyway.


Volunteers receive support from NTEN’s Community Manager, a detailed handbook, and access to our internal messaging systems to receive advice from NTEN’s community volunteers worldwide.

Additionally, volunteers learn and share with each other via quarterly conference calls, online workshops, and special community-building events at NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Volunteer Qualities

  • You’re an NTEN member and already an active participant in NTEN’s online community.
  • You make things happen. We’ve learned that subject matter expertise is a plus, but it can’t make up for curiosity and a willingness to dive in and make it work.
  • You value appreciation. You understand the importance of making community members feel welcome and appreciating their contributions.
  • You’re a good communicator. Volunteers must be responsive and keep NTEN in the loop.


  • Make an impact by helping NTEN members connect, learn, and change the world
  • Develop leadership, community-building, and event planning and facilitation skills
  • Network, socialize, and gain visibility in the NTEN community
  • 💖 💖 💖

Starting a New Group

Starting an online group from scratch can be challenging. Volunteers need to be prepared to actively promote the group and regularly seed discussion posts to get activity started.

Two community members are needed to team up on a proposal to create, steer, and moderate a new group. Groups should typically address broad long-lasting topics, however, exceptions can be made based on interest.


  1. Review what it means to be an NTEN volunteer moderator (see above).
  2. Draft responses to the new group proposal questions.
  3. Use your responses to post in the general discussion forum and gauge interest in your proposed group. (Some sample language is provided to help you get started — use it however you like.)
  4. Edit your proposal responses based on community feedback.
  5. Recruit your supporting moderator, collect your responses, and submit the volunteer application below.