NTEN Stories

The people in the nonprofit tech community are the unicorns of unicorns: rare and wonderful creatures valued for our “magical” skills in using technology to make the world better. We know that our community is made up of a diverse range of backgrounds, skills, and attributes—and that’s what makes us strong.

NTEN is digitizing the stories of nonprofit professionals through the NTEN Stories app. Powered by Gather Voices’ 3-2-1 Video app, NTEN Stories is easy to use and helps us collect and amplify the voices of this incredible community. It has simple, easy-to-answer questions for you to answer about your work and a built-in coach that uses your phone’s sensors to help you get the sound and lighting right. You can view your video before you decide to send it to NTEN. Just download the app from the link below and use the code NT1866 to access NTEN Stories.

We will use these short videos to share what nonprofit tech life is like, and share the impact of our programs and resources. If you love being part of this nonprofit tech community, we want to hear from you.

Your story is one in a million. Share it with NTEN Stories.

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