Photo of the three 501 Tech NYC organizers giving a welcome at the beginning of a presentation
New York City, NY organizing team
Group photo of NTEN's community organizers on a stage at the 17NTC. They are holding us signs that designate what city they're from or what online group they represent. They are laughing and having a good time.
Nonprofit Tech Club organizers at the 17NTC
Photo of three women holding a sign that says 'research triangle, north carolina'
Members of the Research Triangle, NC team at the 16NTC

NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Clubs create a welcoming space for local nonprofit professionals to connect with their peers, learn about technology best practices and strategies, and share their experiences. Volunteer organizers make it all happen.

Volunteers develop leadership, community building, and event planning skills all while networking, socializing, and gaining visibility in their local communities. Technical knowledge is not necessary to be a great community organizer. Friendliness, adaptability, and community-mindedness is key.

If you’re interested in starting (or reviving) a Nonprofit Tech Club or joining an existing organizing team, we’d love to hear from you! Read through the following to get a better idea of how the program works. If you think you’d be a good fit, come to one of our upcoming information sessions or simply fill out the application form below. Direct questions to community@nten.org.

Sara Rasmussen headshot

“I was looking to expand my network, learn the ropes of organizing community events, and build my confidence in public speaking. I struck gold on all three. My co-organizers and community manager are full of helpful suggestions, templates, resources, and connections. And when I started organizing, you couldn’t have paid me to speak in front of a crowd of 50 people…now, it’s a breeze. I’ve definitely gained the professional experience I was looking for.”

Sara Rasmussen, Portland, OR
Nonprofit Tech Club organizer 2014-2017


Content: Events are focused on strategy, rather than specific products or services. Topics are driven by the community.

Format: Events are a typically structured as presentation style learning sessions, roundtable discussions, or social gatherings. Opportunities for quality networking should be included whenever possible.

Timing: Each club is expected to host an event at least once a quarter. Events are typically 1-2 hours in duration. Scheduling (day of the week and time of day) is based on community wants.

Registration fees: Events are to be free of charge. NTEN helps subsidize expenses.


NTEN provides support from afar, however volunteer organizers make the magic happen locally. Duties include:

  • Communicating NTEN news to your local community
  • Securing event venues
  • Finding speakers
  • Marketing events

Time Commitment

Starting a new group can take a lot of time. On average, an organizer spends about 6-10 hours per month building their community and preparing for events. Once an organizer becomes more experienced and builds a stronger organizing team, the average time commitment is likely to be around 3-4 hours per month.

We ask organizers to serve for one year terms, and in most cases we offer the opportunity to renew their agreement each year.


Clubs are steered by teams of 2-4 core organizers—that’s the role you’re reading about now!

Resources and Support

Organizers receive support from NTEN’s community manager, promotion help, toolkit (brand assets, templates, sample marketing materials, etc.), handbook that details guidelines and learnings from other organizers, and access to our internal messaging systems to receive advice from peer organizers worldwide.

Additionally, organizers learn and share with each other via quarterly conference calls, online workshops, and special organizer-only community building events at NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Organizer Qualities

You make things happen: Organizing a Nonprofit Tech Club is a big responsibility and involves many moving pieces. We’ve learned that experience in the nonprofit or technology world and event organization is a plus, but it can’t make up for a willingness to dive in and make it work.

You’re a good communicator: Organizers must be responsive and keep NTEN in the loop. Your questions, needs, successes, failures, awesome content from your events—we want to hear it all—and we need you to respond to our communications.

You are connected to your local community: Running a club gives organizers the ability to make a lot of connections, however we need Lead organizers who are already involved with their local nonprofit and technology community.

You’re committed to creating a diverse club in every sense: Our organizers are willing to make the extra effort required to put together events on a variety of topics, with organizing team members, speakers, and attendees from different sectors, backgrounds, and professional levels.


  • Make an impact by helping local community members connect, learn, and change the world
  • Develop leadership, community-building, and event planning and facilitation skills
  • Network, socialize, and gain visibility in your local community
  • 💖 💖 💖