NTEN was formed in 2000 by a diverse group of practitioners, funders, and technologists. We continue to operate with community-centered models that ensure the programs and resources we provide are relevant to and directly benefiting the community. One way we do this is by including community members in our planning and decision-making through committees.

The committees work with NTEN in various ways to provide feedback, test, evaluate, and make decisions to help NTEN provide the best support, resources, and programs for the larger community and sector.

Are you interested in getting involved?

NTEN currently has seven committees, and applications for all committees are now open. Community members can apply for any or all committees of interest by June 30, 2021. The application is at the bottom of this page.

How do committees work?

Almost all of the NTEN committees will have an online group for discussions (the Session Advisory Committee has a well-established communication pipeline) and notes, using NTEN’s online community platform. Committee members will receive calendar invitations for all meetings and shared note-taking documents. NTEN is committed to ensuring committee members can participate in the best ways for them and making accommodations for accessibility or other needs. Committee members have the option to stop participation at any time, of course. However, we request a commitment for one full year. Participation on a single committee is limited to three consecutive years to provide opportunities for others to share in these leadership roles.

Accessibility Committee

NTEN is committed to ensuring that our programs, events, and resources are as accessible as possible for those already in the community and those who may join in the future. The Accessibility Committee supports and guides these efforts to extend our commitment to equity, values, and mission.

Accessibility Committee members have professional or lived experiences with a diversity of disabilities, neurodiversity, and inclusion practices. We know that there is always more that we can do, and we are thankful for the committee members’ partnership in pushing forward our work every year.

Time Commitment: Approximately six meetings per year up to one hour each, communication between meetings, and minimal material review outside meetings.

Community Equity Committee

NTEN is committed to anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy as we build toward liberation. To support a holistic and inclusive approach to equity at NTEN, it is integral that the community not only be centered but directly included in the processes of surfacing, shaping, implementing, and evaluating our work.

The Community Equity Committee (CEC) joins the NTEN staff and board equity committees creating a three-part system of connection and accountability. CEC members are diverse practitioners from the NTEN community, committed to a world where nonprofits meet their missions and community needs through the strategic and racially equitable use of technology. Like those on the staff and board committees, CEC members review and support evaluation of NTEN’s equity practices, surface ideas, and opportunities for NTEN to more fully live its values and build necessary programs and resources for the community.

Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings for 1–2 hours each, communication between meetings, and minimal material review outside of meetings.

Membership Committee

Our mission and beliefs inspire NTEN. We continue to increase the ways we advocate for the community, convene and collaborate with other organizations, and build programs for emerging needs.

Membership Committee members provide NTEN with perspectives, input, and guidance related to NTEN’s programs and benefits, advocacy efforts, and opportunities to better meet our mission. The Committee includes folks with numerous identities, diverse lived experiences, and backgrounds across the fields of social impact and technology. There are no qualifications for serving on the Membership Committee beyond your investment in our mission to support nonprofits in reaching their missions through the strategic and racially equitable use of technology!

Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings for 1–2 hours each, communication between meetings, and minimal material review outside of meetings.

Pizzigati Prize Committee

NTEN is proud to steward the Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest and elevate and celebrate open source development for social impact work in memory of the late Antonio Pizzigati, an MIT-trained open-source activist. Each year, the Pizzigati Prize is awarded to an individual who has created or led an effort to create an open-source software product of significant value to the nonprofit sector and movements for social change.

The Pizzigati Prize Committee supports the grant process, including aligning on criteria, active outreach and promotion of the application opportunity, and the review and selection of the annual recipient. Committee members may have engaged with open source technology from many different perspectives and do not need to be developers or have software development experience.

Time Commitment: Approximately six meetings during the year up to one hour each, some communication between meetings and requested actions when appropriate, like circulating the call for applications, and some time to review applications outside of the selection meeting.

Programs Committee

NTEN’s programs include courses, professional certificates, Nonprofit Tech Readiness, and other opportunities to support technology leadership in the sector. Just like at the NTC, NTEN’s year-round programs are a platform for practitioners in the community to share their knowledge as faculty and learn more as participants.

While we have numerous ways to gather feedback from participant evaluations, general community surveys, and research, the Programs Committee is an important part of helping us prioritize, plan, and build relevant programs for the sector. Committee members can have a wide range of experiences with NTEN’s programs as well as with technology. The committee reviews and provides feedback on program-related topics include evaluation, opportunities for new programs or models, course subjects, and potential faculty.

Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings for 1–2 hours each, communication between meetings, and minimal material review outside of meetings.

Session Advisory Committee

The Session Advisory Committee is a group of experts, practitioners, and champions in nonprofit technology. The committee members provide input as part of our community-centered process to develop the Nonprofit Technology Conference’s high-quality educational agenda. The committee helps create a list of suggested topics, review sessions submitted within a self-selected content area, and provide feedback on the final agenda. Committee members can assist with outreach during the public proposal stage. There are no qualifications for serving on the Session Advisory Committee, including if you’ve never attended NTC before.

Time Commitment:  During the activity period of July–January, three one-hour meetings, some communication between meetings, and material review outside of meetings. October 12 to November 9, 2021, is a time-sensitive period for committee members to provide input within a particular area of expertise.

Technology Committee

Many of NTEN’s programs, resources, and community engagement opportunities are facilitated through our online systems. We are constantly working to improve systems in place and even migrate to new ones when appropriate. It’s critical to the success of our mission and our values that community members be part of how we plan and implement technology.

The Tech Committee gathers community members focused on the testing, processes, decision-making, and user experience of the NTEN website, applications, tools, and tech systems that impact our community. Committee members may discuss or provide feedback about design, content, navigation, user experience, and accessibility. In addition to meetings, committee members may participate in interviews and screen share testing sessions with staff depending on current project needs. Community members of all technical experience levels are encouraged to apply, as well as those with lived experience with disabilities or neurodiversity that may impact how web and digital systems are used.

Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings for 1–2 hours each, some communication between meetings, periodic testing, or reviewing staged prototypes.

Apply for an NTEN Committee

Please complete the application form to express your interest in joining any NTEN Committees; you may apply for more than one committee and do so in the same application (you do not need to submit the form more than once).