The NTEN Award

Celebrating Our Community Values

NTEN isn’t an organization, we’re a community: a community with a shared set of values, including authenticity, sharing, and of course, laughter.

Each year at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, we get the chance to celebrate one individual—of the many!—who embodies those values and enhances the NTEN Community. These individuals, recipients of the annual NTEN Award, are the people working hard to move NTEN’s mission forward from within the community: always ready to share a case study, idea, or contact. They support the community by writing articles and presenting sessions and webinars. Oh, and they make us laugh, too. In short, they embody NTEN’s Values.

While we’re excited to present this award annually to a single individual, we know that a successful community is much more than than one person. So thank you for being a vital part of the NTEN Community. As we celebrate the NTEN award winner, we celebrate all of you.

The 2017 NTEN Award Winner

Emily Weinberg has been a member of the NTEN community since 2006. When NTEN first started online groups back in 2006, she created one for nonprofit bloggers. In 2014, she changed the group to nonprofit digital communications to meet the needs of the community. As organizer of that community for about a year, she helped plan conference calls and put together resources for the group. Thanks to Emily, this group has grown to one of NTEN’s most active online communities.  Emily recently became the community organizer for the digital inclusion online community and the group has already improved with her leadership.  It is no suprise that she is the fourth most active community member in our online groups.

Emily served on the 17NTC steering committee and research committee. She also led blogging discussions at two Nonprofit Technology Conferences.

Emily has been blogging about nonprofit technology since 2005 at Emily’s World. She also has a blog called The Nonprofit Blog Exchange, a resource for nonprofits, where she writes roundup posts linking to nonprofit blog articles and has a section linking to nonprofit blogs.

Emily is a full-text analyst in the publications & databases department at the American Psychological Association. She enjoys being a member of the volunteer committee at work where she researches local nonprofits in the DC area for APA to support.

Emily graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics.

Past NTEN Award Winners