The NTEN community exhibits award-winning generosity and kindness. Each year at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, we honor a few of those outstanding community members and organizations. for their exceptional contributions to nonprofit technology and our community.

Rob Stuart Memorial Award

NTEN’s Rob Stuart Memorial Award honors Rob Stuart, who was pivotal in creating the NTEN community. Rob was a builder of communities, ideas, and movements. Central to his work was the idea that technology can accelerate the pace of change, making it possible for movements to grow overnight and change to be created in new and surprising ways.

Each year, we celebrate this belief that Rob embedded in NTEN by honoring an organization, coalition, or community using technology to disrupt the status quo. Rob’s legacy continues to thrive as the NTEN community pushes technology to be more inclusive, support more diverse goals, and truly be a tool for change.

This year, we are so happy for the opportunity to shine a spotlight on a campaign designed with these same values at heart. When we join together across organizations and geographies focusing on big shared goals, we can make a difference.

Please join us in celebrating #TogetherWeVote!

Lifetime Achievement Award

NTEN’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a way to honor an individual who has been instrumental in shaping the field of nonprofit technology, someone who has dedicated their career to supporting nonprofit staff in using technology to meet their missions effectively.

In many industries and other communities, a lifetime achievement award is usually presented to someone leaving the profession at the end of their career. In the NTEN community, we’ve reframed the lifetime achievement award to celebrate community members, regardless of their age or tenure, who work in service to ensuring lifetimes of success in many others.

This year, we are thrilled to recognize someone who has made an incredible impact in this community. She was part of NTEN before we were NTEN and has been a tremendous champion for this community and NTEN for over 20 years.

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating Beth Kanter!

NTEN Award

The NTEN Award recognizes a community member who truly lives the NTEN values – from integrity and compassion to excellence and community. These are the people who are continually investing in helping other folks across the community learn and improve.

Usually, the NTEN Award goes to someone with whom many folks both on staff and in the community have had the experience of meeting in person, working with or learning from at events, sharing a meal, and building a friendship. After a year of navigating a global pandemic, this community member has found myriad ways to show up for so many.

The NTEN Award celebrates someone who embodies our shared values and beliefs and pushes us — all of us — in NTEN’s mission to help nonprofits meet their missions by using technology strategically and in racially equitable ways.

We can’t think of a more appropriate person to celebrate. Please join us in thanking and recognizing Ken Montenegro!

NTENny Award

Each year we honor outstanding community members from across all areas of the nonprofit sector who embody NTEN’s values and contribute to this unique community with our NTENny Awards. Each recipient generously gives their time, knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm to the nonprofit technology sector and community. Their contributions are key to the inclusive, welcoming, and supportive culture that makes the NTEN community great.

Please join us in celebrating our 2020 NTENny Award recipients:

  • Aneta Lee
  • Ann Rosenfield
  • Brian Rodriguez
  • Bridget Jackson
  • Colin Boyle
  • Hoawen Ge
  • Jonea Agwa
  • Kelly Phipps
  • Kevin McGhee
  • Laura Patch
  • Melissa Helquist

Thank you to this year’s recipients and to everyone in this community for sharing, connecting, and continuing to make change together!

Past Award Recipients

Rob Stuart Memorial Award

American Friends Service Committee (2015)
Baltimore Ceasefire (2020)
Community Technology Network (2016)
Invisible People, founded by Mark Horvath (2013)
Mother Jones (2017)
PEAK & PLUK Parent Centers (2014)
The Story of Stuff, produced by Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios. (2012)
We R Native (2019)
Wikimedia Foundation (2018)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Daniel Ben Horin (2009)
Gavin Clabaugh (2007)
Lauren-Glenn Davitian (2013)
Judy Hallman (2011)
Ed Happ (2010)
John Haydon (2020)
David Krumlauf (2015)

Lynn Labieniec (2014)
Jane Meseck (2018)
Shireen Mitchell (2019)
Yesenia Sotelo (2017)
Vince Stehle (2008)
Rob Stuart (2012)
Leon Wilson (2016)

NTEN Award

Emilio Arocho (2019)
Johanna Bates (2016)
Lyndal Cairns (2015)
Peter Campbell (2011)
Janice Chan (2018)
Maddie Grant (2013)
Beth Kanter (2007)

David Krumlauf (2010)
John Merritt (2009)
Aki Shibuya (2020)
Jason Shim (2014)
Farra Trompeter (2012)
Marnie Webb (2008)
Emily Weinberg (2017)

NTENny Award

Jonea Agwa (2020)
Steve Andersen (2007)
Carolyn Appleton (2011)
Redante Ascunion-Reed (2017)
Debra Askanase (2012)
Lou August (2009)
Marc Baizman (2017)
Tricia Maddrey Baker (2018)
Melissa Barber (2009)
David Barnard (2007)
Frank Barry (2012)
Johanna Bates (2008)
Charlotta Beavers (2011)
Allan Benamer (2007)
Keith Berner (2011)
Andrea Berry (2012)
Grace Berry (2007)
Mica Bevington (2019)
Ben Bisbee (2017)
Jereme Bivins (2013)
Ivan Boothe (2014)
Corey Brown (2018)
Rusty Burwell (2008)
Barbara Buswell (2011)
Peter Campbell (2007, 2008)
Tony Caufield (2016)
Janice Chan (2016)
Melissa Chavez (2018)
Gavin Clabaugh (2007, 2010)
Stacy Clinton (2018)
Sonny Cloward (2007)
Tara Collins (2017)
Lisa Colton (2011)
Dawn Crawford (2012)
Dave Crooke (2007)
Ami Dar (2007, 2010)
Lauren-Glenn Davitian (2011)
Peter Deitz (2008)
Michael DeLong (2015)
Julie Dennis (2012)
Martin Dooley (2011)
Lindy Dreyer (2009)
Necole Durham (2018)
Liza Dyer (2016)
Shauna Edson (2017)
Ted Fickes (2013)
Charlotte Field (2018)
Adrienne Figus (2017)
Deborah Elizabeth Finn (2007, 2008)
Monica Flores (2018, 2019)
Tal Frankfurt (2013)
Judy Freed (2017)
Lori Freeman (2008)
Katie Fritz (2014)
Hoawen Ge (2020)
David Geilhufe (2007)
Neil Giarratana (2012)
Elivander Giessen (2015)
Sheryle Gillihan (2018)
Mark Gillingham (2008)
Lauren Girardin (2015)
Dahna Goldstein (2007, 2014)

Sarah Golightly (2008)
Filiberto Gonzalez (2012)
Maddie Grant (2009)
Kami Griffiths (2018)
Mary Gross (2008)
Michaela Hackner (2009)
Judy Hallman (2008, 2010)
Paul Hansen (2007)
Betsy Harman (2007)
Tobi Harper (2019)
Gregory Heller (2012)
Melissa Helquist (2020)
Ben Hendricks (2008)
Jeff Herron (2008)
Steve Heye (2007, 2008)
Camille Hinojosa (2007)
Michael Hoffman (2007, 2009)
Heather Holdridge (2008)
Seth Horwitz (2015)
Bridget Jackson (2020)
Sandee Jackson (2018)
Doug Jacquier (2008)
Ariel Jensen-Vargas (2019)
Beth Kanter (2007, 2008, 2010)
John Kenyon (2007, 2008)
Charrosé King (2016)
Jason King (2016)
Marshall Kirkpatrick (2007)
Roshani Kothari (2016)
Tracy Kronzak (2011)
David Krumlauf (2009)
Lynn Labieniec (2010)
Paul Lamb (2007, 2008)
Chad Leaman (2016)
Aneta Lee (2020)
Eric Leland (2008)
Charles Lenchner (2008)
Cindy Leonard (2013)
Bill Lester (2007)
Carie Lewis (2011)
Missy Longshore (2013)
Steve MacLaughlin (2011)
Sheldon Mains (2007, 2008, 2010)
Kathleen Malin (2014)
Heidi Ketroser Massey (2019)
Kevin McGhee (2020)
Dale McGrew (2007)
Kelly McIvor (2013)
Marlina McKay (2013)
John Merritt (2009)
Ken Montenegro (2015)
Zac Mutrux (2007)
David Neff (2009)
Thomas Negron (2011)
Adam Nicholson (2008)
Jim Nickerson (2013)
Chad Norman (2009)
Laura Norvig (2014)
Kyle O’Donnell (2019)
Margaux O’Malley (2016)
Maegan Ortiz (2017)

Ryan Ozimek (2007)
Laura Patch (2020)
Birgit Pauli-Haack (2015)
Maxwell Pearl (2007)
Maxwell Pearl (2008)
Eva Penar (2013)
Justin Perkins (2008)
Kelly Phipps (2020)
James Porter (2015)
Corey Pudhorodsky (2007)
Laura Quinn (2007, 2008)
Joyce Raby (2007)
Sara Rasmussen (2016)
Norman Reiss (2008)
Rebecca Reyes (2015)
Leah Siu Yuen Roderman (2019)
Brian Rodriguez (2020)
Mark Root-Wiley (2016, 2019)
Ann Rosenfield (2020)
Mark Rovner (2011)
Robert “Bob” H. Russell (2014)
Jason Samuels (2013)
Seth Schneider (2008)
Isaac Shalev (2015)
Ash Shepherd (2013)
Kathleen Sherwin (2007)
Donny Shimamoto (2012)
Nancy Shoemaker (2010)
Michael Silberman (2011)
Rubin Singh (2019)
Ruby Sinreich (2008)
Victoria Smith (2013)
Jess Snyder (2017)
Deb Socia (2017)
Judi Sohn (2008)
Michael Sola (2011)
Yesenia Sotelo (2015)
Madeline Stanionis (2007, 2008)
Kenneth Steeber III (2014)
Vince Stehle (2010)
Michael Stein (2007, 2008, 2010)
Deborah Strauss (2007, 2010)
Dale Thompson (2008)
Farra Trompeter (2011)
Ashleigh Turner (2018)
Usha Venkatchallam (2007)
Katrin Verclas (2008)
Jordan Viator (2009)
Kurt Voelker (2011)
Regina Walton (2015)
Amy Sample Ward (2008)
Rachel Weidinger (2009)
Emily Weinberg (2007, 2015)
Robert Weiner (2008)
Meico Whitlock (2019)
Kai Williams (2016)
Richard Wollenberger (2014)
Steve Wright (2007)
Jeff Yin (2014)
Jason Zanon (2007)