Community Partners are deeply invested in the nonprofit community, sharing their knowledge and resources to help organizations use technology effectively. Being a Community Partner is the best way to increase your involvement and be recognized as supporting NTEN’s programs and values throughout the year. You can join today!

In the past, technology service providers, vendors, and consultants showed affiliation with NTEN and investment in the community by joining as an NTEN Member. We’ve recently changed our membership program to focus on people and not organizations. They are the ones, after all, who are doing the connecting, learning, and change-making. This means your staff can still join as members, receive member benefits, and engage as part of the NTEN community. As an organization, though, the best way to show that you support NTEN and the leading community of nonprofit professionals who put technology to use for real impact is to sign on as a Community Partner.

Annual Community Partner Benefits

  • Company logo recognition on NTEN’s home page and our community site
  • Targeted logo inclusion in NTEN’s educational course slides
  • Recognition at the NTC, if applicable
  • Opportunity to serve as a community expert/advisor
  • Discount pricing on Connect ads
  • Ability to submit a pitch and write for NTEN’s blog, Connect
  • Includes one individual membership

Community Partner Pricing

Pricing for the annual sponsorship is based on your number of employees. Discounts to the scale are available for minority- and women-owned businesses.

Employees Annual Cost
1-5 $500
6-10 $750
11-25 $1,000
26-50 $1,250
51-100 $1,500
101-200 $2,000
201-500 $3,000
501+ $5,000

Community Partner Sign-Up

If you have questions or would like to discuss opportunities to invest in NTEN’s work and community, please contact our Senior Development Manager, Eileigh Doineau. You can email her or call 503-272-8744.

NOTE: Upon receipt of this form, NTEN will follow up with an invoice to collect payment. Your participation is only confirmed once payment has been received.

Community Partner

  • This is the person we will contact about sponsorship information, upcoming deadlines, etc.
  • Please enter the name, title, and email address of the person who will be using the individual membership included in the sponsorship package.
  • If you are applying for a discounted rate, please share your certification here.
  • Terms

  • Sponsor Acceptance: This document, when signed by the Sponsor, constitutes a binding, irrevocable, legal obligation in application to participate in NTEN's Community Partner Sponsorship.


As a part of our Equity Commitment, we expect all Sponsors to operate with their own Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and representatives will be subject to the NTEN Code of Conduct.


NTEN will bill the Sponsor for full sponsorship costs upon submitting this Contract. Payment should be made to NTEN within 30 days from receipt of the invoice. No benefits will be granted until payment is received in full.

The Sponsor agrees that upon acceptance of this Contract by NTEN with payment of the sponsor fee, this Contract shall become legally binding in accordance with its terms. Acceptance of the contract will be made by NTEN via the NTEN website. The individual signing this document represents and warrants that you are duly authorized to execute this binding contract on behalf of the contracting company.


Sponsorship fees are nonrefundable.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in any Court having jurisdiction thereof. Arbitration will be held in Oregon. This contract shall be deemed entered into in Oregon, and shall be interpreted according to the laws of the state of Oregon.


Sponsor warrants that it is the owner or licensee of all intellectual property used by Sponsor. Sponsor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless NTEN for any action brought against NTEN and any cost incurred by NTEN, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of any dispute involving intellectual property owned or used by Sponsor.


NTEN does not endorse any of the products or services of the Sponsor. The Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that any representation to the contrary made by the Sponsor to any third party shall constitute a breach of this Contract. 


The signatory acknowledges that a duly authorized representative of the Sponsor has read and understands the provisions of the Contract and acknowledges and agrees that the Sponsor will be bound by them. The undersigned understands and agrees that this Contract does not bind NTEN until full payment is received from the Sponsor.