Solving the Catch-22 of Volunteer Programs with Measurement

October 22, 2014
Among the things that we, as nonprofit professionals, have to cram into our day, tracking and measurement generally sit pretty close to the top of the “I know it’s important but I never have time for it” pile. Don’t deny it. If only we had more time, we could implement all of the awesome strategies and tactics we learn by reading the NTEN Blog!

Evaluating Evaluation: Behind the scenes of NTEN’s new worksheets

October 21, 2014

Evaluating our evaluation. I hear you, it sounds pretty meta. In creating the newly launched series of worksheets supporting data-informed nonprofits, that's exactly what we did. And in evaluating our evaluation process, we found that it was the people and not the data that needed to be addressed further.

Workbook: Data-Driven Decision Making

October 20, 2014
We developed these new worksheets in partnership with Idealware to help you identify technologies that can help you collect and understand your organization's outcomes data and more.

On Transparency, Data, and Trust

October 20, 2014

Transparency in data handling practices is becoming a clear and valuable trend as organizations begin to realize the competitive advantage available to them as a result of developing that capability. The importance of transparent data dealings are particularly relevant for mission- and values-based organizations that depend in large part on deep engagement and trusting relationships with their partners, constituents, and members.

Data Therapy: 10 tips to optimize your Database Administrator

October 17, 2014
As long as you and your database administrator (DBA) are willing to do a little extra work on the back end, 'fast, good, cheap' can soon go from a storybook fantasy to your organization’s everyday reality.

Measure what Matters

October 16, 2014
How can nonprofit organizations know what is working, what is not, and what impact they are making? They can achieve this understanding by implementing a realistic and meaningful evaluation system.