Building the Bedrock

July 28, 2015
If you haven’t heard of it yet, NTEN’s 2nd annual Leading Change Summit (LCS) promises to be one of the coolest and innovative gatherings emerging in the nonprofit community. Our team at Forum One is proud to join the community’s effort to fuel the future of nonprofit innovation—and we’ll be helping kick things off the first day with a half-day training on Digital Strategy.

Campaign Learning from Miami to Chicago

July 24, 2015
We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with a rockin’ group of organizations and working with Rachael Ahrens, Senior Interactive Consultant with Blackbaud, in Miami for one of our Campaign Lab events. This being my first time visiting Miami, I learned more than a few things about the community.

Things We Like (July 2015)

July 23, 2015
A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

Start Your Summit Experience With a Half-Day Training (and Get CFRE Credits While You’re at It)!

July 21, 2015
We now have even more ways to kick off your professional development at 15LCS. As a 15LCS attendee, you have the option of attending a pre-summit half-day training workshop on Sept. 13.

Mapping Communities

July 21, 2015
Why would mapping communities be important for communications efforts? Mapping is important because it can help us see where we are (current boundaries), where we’ve been (past reach), and where we’re going to go (gaps and opportunities).

Looking Beyond for Inspiration

July 20, 2015
This year, I set a goal to look outside public media for inspiration, feedback, and collaboration. On that journey, I found NTEN and can’t wait to attend the Leading Change Summit in September!

Professional Development that Is Different by Design

July 20, 2015
I have always found conferences to be both the most exciting and a somewhat puzzling part of my professional development throughout the years. The chance to get out of “the norm” of my day-to-day work at my organization is always refreshing, as a chance to gain renewed perspective. For many years, I also found that I often had a few spark or “aha” moments at each conference. Sadly, they didn’t always have the staying power to significantly impact my work.

The Quest for a Nimble Data System

July 16, 2015
Data: the answer to my prayers and the bane of my existence. Data can guide strategy and overwhelm you to the point of inaction. If you don’t have the systems in place to mine and analyze it, all that wonderful, insightful information becomes as useful as pretty much everything Amazon had on sale for Prime Day.  

Announcing the 2015 Digital Adoption Report!

July 15, 2015
How do organizations keep staff connected? This report provides benchmarks and qualitative data about online technology and digital inclusion efforts among nonprofits and the communities that they serve.

Getting Strategic about Digital Transformation in the Nonprofit Sector

July 14, 2015
Today, I’m hugely excited because we’ve started to come to terms with digital transformation in a big way. I lead NPC’s think tank work, and we’ve recently kicked off the first phase of a program that aims to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the social sector. That’s what I’ll be at the 15LCS to explore, refine, and develop with like-minded colleagues from the US and beyond.