Digital Badge Systems for Professional Development

October 16, 2015
Open digital badges were designed to showcase skills and accomplishments. Similar forms of rewards have been around for centuries in the form of ribbons, arm badges, and buttons. This concept has been digitalized in small icons, called badges, and are used to showcase skills online.

October Member RoundUp

October 13, 2015
This month's Member success story is from Rachel Ramjattan, President at Nonprofit Plus, LLC. The monthly Member round-up includes tips, tricks, as well as ways to support Roseburg, Oregon in the aftermath of the recent mass shooting

Hungry for Internet

October 13, 2015
Having Internet access is like having food. Everyone needs and deserves it, even if they cannot afford it. Thanks to nonprofit organizations like Minnesota’s Neighbors Inc. (aka "Neighbors"), people living below the poverty line are getting both.

Giving the Disconnected and Disenfranchised a Voice

October 12, 2015
North Carolina (NC) Fair Share CDC is a statewide, multi-issue membership, advocacy, and leadership development organization. They provide a vehicle for change. “Our goal is to get more candidates in the pipeline and more people into the online voter database,” said Akiba Byrd, NC Fair Share CDC’s Executive Director.

The Sign-up Sheet Is Dead

October 8, 2015

Could you imagine the potential of filling a room with 800 of your strongest supporters? This group of 800 people could sustain your organization (and many others!) for years. Your challenge is to activate them. What if, within 5 minutes, you had the mobile cell numbers, names, and email addresses of everyone in the audience?

Searching for the “Nonprofit Operating System”

October 6, 2015
You know that feeling of being organized and always caught up? At your peak energy for tackling the day? That’s what we at Airway Science for Kids, Inc. were looking for when evaluating options for having a centralized place to track what matters most to our organization, both within and without. We call it a “Nonprofit Operation System (Nonprofit OS)."

[Your Guest Article Here for MAM Connect]

October 6, 2015
It's that time of year again! Wahoo! November is Member Appreciation Month (MAM) over here at NTEN. To celebrate, Members take over Connect! That means the guest articles featured in NTEN Connect monthly and online come from our Members.

2015 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report

September 28, 2015
Now in our ninth year of collecting and reporting on these nonprofit technology spending and practices data, this research provides valuable benchmarks to help you assess and plan your technology budgets and strategies, and considers the nonprofit sector as a whole to gauge the maturity and effectiveness of technology strategies and use.

Things We Like (September 2015)

September 24, 2015
Things We Like is a monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

Storytelling, The Spice of (a Nonprofit’s) Life

September 22, 2015
We all talk about the significance of data and metrics. They are important to a nonprofit’s funders and its staff. They can help a nonprofit stay accountable and on track. I value data and have never questioned the important role it plays for nonprofits and, for that matter, all organizations. However, can you imagine your food without any spices? It is very hard to imagine, right? It is the same as offering data without a story.