One Year Later: Reflections of the Digital Inclusion Fellowship Program

April 27, 2016
Several weeks ago, my lovely coworkers surprised me at our daily check-in meeting with a card and a chatty hamster to celebrate my one year anniversary at NTEN. I could barely believe that I’d joined the NTEN team a full year ago, but was even more shocked to realize that our Digital Inclusion Fellowship was about to turn a year old!

Community Corner: April 2016

April 26, 2016
News and resources from NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Clubs (volunteer-led local groups of nonprofit professionals and techies who get together for regular in-person events), Communities of Practice (CoPs) (volunteer-organized affinity groups), and the NTEN online community platform (conversations about all things nonprofit tech).

If You Can’t Touch, How Can You Use a Touchscreen?

April 25, 2016
Despite all the advances in mobile touchscreen device technology, there is no portable solution for someone who wants to use the device, yet can’t use their hands.

Making an Impact on Digital Inclusion and Literacy

April 25, 2016
Digital inclusion can mean different things to different people. But for BiblioTech, the nation’s first all-digital public library, it is simply about doing what is necessary to provide digital access and resources to those who need it most.

Embracing the Value of Diversity

April 22, 2016
Employers who shun diversity may find that diverse talent will instead work with and strengthen your competitors. What are you doing to advance diversity in your own organization?

Access All the Memes! A Journey from Awareness to Accessibility

April 21, 2016
You do not need to be an expert to create accessible content. You just need to be aware that people access the internet in different ways, and care enough to include them.

2016 Nonprofit Benchmarks

April 21, 2016
Benchmarks X is the most expansive, exhaustive examination of online nonprofit metrics we’ve ever done. Our participants provided detailed data on email performance, website traffic, and social media engagement.

Q&A With Trollbusters’ Founder, Michelle Ferrier

April 20, 2016
TrollBusters is a just-in-time rescue service for women writers and journalists who are experiencing online harassment. We send positive messaging and just-in-time education to keep targets safe online and off.

Announcing the 22 Digital Inclusion Fellowship City Hosts and Call for Fellow Applications

April 20, 2016
We are thrilled to announce, with the continued support of Google Fiber as well as new support from Capital One, we will have 22 Fellows in the next cohort of the Fellowship program starting this July. We have selected 22 incredible organizations in 11 different cities who will work with Fellows this year to launch and expand adult digital literacy programs.

Finding Opportunities in Data for LGBT Youth Experiencing Homelessness

April 14, 2016
The True Colors Fund is developing a mobile app to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth experiencing homelessness in the United States can find support wherever they go—and be themselves when they get there.