January Member Roundup: 2016 Predictions, Nonprofit Fundraising 101, and Digital Trends Ahead

January 14, 2016
Member Success Story by Leili Khalessi, new books (digital *and* print!), and more in this month's roundup.

6 Ways to Think Like a “CRM” Admin: Nonprofit Edition

January 14, 2016
As customer relationship management systems (CRMs) take on a larger role in the nonprofit sector, the admin role is becoming critical for the operations of a data-driven organization. If you have recently taken on the responsibility of an admin, or if this position is in your future, you may wonder if you have what it takes.

An Eleven Step Program to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome

January 13, 2016
Are major technology decisions at your organization characterized by any of the following six red flags?

From Exasperation to Aspiration: Digital Inclusion Fellowship Voices

January 12, 2016
In May 2015, NTEN and Google Fiber launched the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, a new national program investing in local communities and nonprofit organizations to address the digital divide. Sixteen Fellows are working this year on projects that include setting up basic computer skills courses, increasing home Internet usage, and volunteer recruitment and training. Leslie Scott shares her recent work as a Fellow in Kansas City, working for Full Employment Council.

Hacking the Creative Process: The Design Blitz

January 12, 2016
Fact: Visual elements make up 90 percent of information transmitted to your brain, which processes images 60,000 times faster than text. The message may be the medium for engaging online audiences with your organization’s mission, but visuals are most certainly its currency.

3 Smart Ways to Retain, Renew, and Upgrade Donors

January 11, 2016
Donations are crucial to the operations of all nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately for nonprofits, donation numbers have continued to drop in recent years. According to a survey of nonprofits in 2014, for every $100 in new donations, these organizations lost $95 in lapsed or reduced donations. Although that is still a 5% gain, these figures are disappointing to say the least.  

Your People Are Talking. Are You Listening?

January 7, 2016
There’s a good chance that some of your supporters are actively talking about your campaigns on social media. Some of them probably have a pretty sizable following.