What to Consider When Writing Your Crisis Plan

August 16, 2016
From a major donor landing in legal trouble, to a defection of a top fundraiser, issues could turn into a crisis for a nonprofit.

Digital Inclusion Fellowship: A Year of Learning

August 16, 2016
It has been a year of learning and adapting. As we close out the pilot year of the NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellowship Program, we have been capturing the lessons and successes we have all experienced.

Emergency Management for Nonprofits

August 12, 2016
Thinking about disasters is more than just worrying or borrowing trouble—it’s the first step to recovering from them. Beyond getting your agency prepared for that terrible “someday,” they can help you with today and tomorrow as well.

Interview with Lyndal Cairns, NTEN’s Membership & Engagement Director

August 10, 2016
Lyndal Cairns is our newest team member. As NTEN's Membership & Engagement Director, Lyndal will be setting the vision of membership and integrated marketing for the organization, and leading our team to reach that vision. Learn all about Lyndal's passion for nonprofits and data in this interview!

Digital Inclusion Fellowship in Review: A Q&A With Ruben Campillo

August 9, 2016
In May 2015, NTEN and Google Fiber launched the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, a new national program investing in local communities and nonprofit organizations to address the digital divide. Sixteen Fellows comprised the first cohort; and they shared their work in progress earlier this year. We asked Ruben Campillo to give us an update on his work with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

Engage Supporters Talking About #YourCrisis

August 8, 2016
How do we know who is talking about #OurCrisis or #TheirCrisis? More importantly, how can we engage our most important stakeholders who are active on social media?

Innovations in Emergencies: Deploying RapidFTR Philippines

August 4, 2016
To summarize my experience in one sentence: I am grateful for everything I have in my life, and I feel more human and alive for contributing to software products that serve humanity.

Responding to a Mass Shooting

August 2, 2016
Decades ago, I started my career at UCC in community relations. The rural campus, tucked in a bend of the scenic North Umpqua River, seemed an unlikely place for such violence. But it had happened, and I was grateful that I could assist.

Allison Jones & Megan Keane: Thank You!

August 1, 2016
This month, two members of our wonderful team left to follow the dreams—Megan Keane, our Membership Director; and Allison Jones, our Membership & Publications Director.

A Community of Practice by Any Other Name…

July 29, 2016
In an effort to simplify and help remove barriers to participation, we have made a few name changes.