5 Tips to Plan Engaging Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

December 9, 2021
Planning engaging virtual opportunities is critical for connecting with volunteers remotely. Here are five tips and ideas for your next virtual experience.

Community is at the heart of 22NTC

November 23, 2021
The 2022 Nonprofit Technology Conference is more than educational sessions. We come together in community to enjoy art, music, and conversations.

Four more community members join the NTEN board

November 9, 2021
As 2021 winds down, NTEN welcomes four new board members from the community. They share their thoughts about being invited to join the board.

5 Questions for Michelle Samplin-Salgado

August 26, 2021
Michelle Samplin-Salgado joins NTEN as our first Art Director. She took a break from onboarding to play five questions with Thomas Negron, who asks the tough questions.

5 questions for Samara Islam

August 17, 2021
Samara Islam joins NTEN as a program coordinator. She took a break from onboarding to play five questions with Ash Shepherd, who asks the tough questions.

The Benefits of a Headless Content Management System

July 29, 2021
What is a headless CMS, and how do you weigh the benefits to decide if it's right for your nonprofit organization?

Your Technology Problem Is Actually a People Problem

July 27, 2021
If your organization is repeatedly struggling with a technology problem, have you stopped to consider that you may actually have a people problem?

Welcome to the 2021 Digital Inclusion Fellows

July 22, 2021
Our seventh cohort begins as the U.S. continues to fight the pandemic. The fellows will champion digital inclusion programs in their communities.

Join the Fight for Fair Internet

July 21, 2021
NTEN joins Consumer Reports in a coalition to fight for a fair internet. Together we can transform internet service in the U.S.

June 2021 Equity Update to the Community

June 16, 2021
Our community update reviews what we did in 2020 to advance equity and lays the groundwork for 2021.