Into the Cloud: The Public Interest Network

June 8, 2012
The Public Interest Network, made up of about 60 environmental organizations, needed a better, more affordable method to support the email accounts of its 500 staff members. Because of its distributed and diverse nature, it had been reassessing much of its technology, trying to lower costs, and move away from highly specialized IT staff toward using more vendors as a way to save money and provide even better services to our members, said Jesse Littlewood, Director of the Web Presence Department.

Into the Cloud: NPOKI

June 8, 2012
Started in 2005, the NonProfit Organizations Knowledge Initiative, or NPOKI, is a collaboration among large global health organizations to provide performance measurement standards, information management tools and services to health-related Non-Government Organizations. Staff is almost entirely distributed, working out of their homes or on the road helping clients in every corner of the world.

Storm the Castle! Staging an IT Coup in 5 Steps

June 7, 2012

Here’s the situation: You are the IT person in your organization, but you don't have a seat at the decision-making table or you don’t feel that IT gets the respect it deserves. If this describes you or someone you know, or you just like having outlandish metaphors applied to office life, read on.

Visual Thinking: A Challenge for Our Sector

June 7, 2012
If I told you that we could find new expressions of Jewish communal work using this image as our inspiration, you'd probably think I was crazy: That's right, square plus triangle equals circle. In this case, the triangle (or delta) stands for change, the square for the status quo, and the circle for wherever it is that we're going – and we're generally in agreement that where we're going is not where we are.

What Are We Accomplishing and How Do We Know?

June 5, 2012
"What does your organization do?" That is a question most nonprofit folks can answer pretty easily. We have our elevator pitches ready to go. "What is your organization accomplishing?" Now that's a different question, one that's not as simple to answer for most of us. It's also one that is increasingly being asked by potential donors big and small.