12 Key Findings about Engaging Millennials

June 27, 2012
Whether you call them Millennials, Gen Y, Generation Next or Echo Boomers, today’s high schoolers, college students, and young professionals are proving to be the most important generation for causes. Many nonprofits have evaluated this group on the thinness of their wallet and written them off. What causes are missing is that this is the most passionate, most connected group of fundraisers yet. They may only have a few bucks in their pocket, but they actually care about causes, want to work hard for them, and are electronically connected to huge networks of donors and participants. Our recent DonorDrive webinar with the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council featured Zac Johnson of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals who has made a career out of interacting with Millennial fundraisers. Zac is the guiding force for CMN’s insane Dance Marathons that are held on more that 150 campuses across the country and raise more than $10 million annually. From the webinar, we’ve distilled 12 key findings about engaging Millennials. The points are eye opening and shatter many misconceptions about how to engage this generation.

How to Encourage a Knowledge Sharing Culture

June 26, 2012
Social media cannot thrive in silos. What is happening online affects the entire organization, not just the marketing department, or the development team, or top management. And while social media use has penetrated the nonprofit sector in a meaningful way, reports and activities are usually not shared throughout the organization. The result is a lack of organizational buy-in, misunderstanding of the benefit of digital engagement, missed opportunities, and role confusion. Instead of siloing information, turn it around. Knowledge sharing results in stronger organizations that have a broader knowledge base about its online stakeholders and a wide net of useful information to meet organizational goals.

Cloud Computing for Nonprofits: the Risks How to Overcome Them

June 14, 2012
A recent NTEN survey of 780 nonprofits revealed that 91% of respondents are using some sort of hosted software. In fact, almost 80% are using multiple cloud-based solutions. However, according to NTEN’s report, “the feature-set, ease of use and cost over time” were more important to them than whether or not a solution was cloud-based. These advantages are precisely why the Cloud is generating a lot of excitement in the nonprofit world these days. Remote access, reduced operating expenses, and less maintenance enable nonprofits to cut costs, operate more efficiently and devote more time and money to their core mission. Some organizations have moved their entire IT infrastructure to the Cloud with dramatic results.

Women Leaders Needed in STEM Fields

June 12, 2012
Women are gaining numbers in traditionally male dominated fields, but we are still significantly outnumbered in STEM occupations. Getting talented women into male-dominated careers is one struggle; keeping them is another. The issue is especially apparent in STEM careers, which is extremely important to the global economy. Attracting and retaining more women in STEM careers will help tremendously to improve diversity, maximize creativity, and boost competitiveness.