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Mapping your digital strategy for 2020

December 13, 2019
You know your organization should have a website, but do you know why? What are you trying to accomplish? Figure it out by mapping your marketing funnel.

Building a strategy and gauging return on investment (ROI): two huge roadblocks for nonprofits

December 11, 2019
Many nonprofits lack a digital strategy and a way to track how successful their efforts are. A new study from Bashpole Software seeks to identify why.

Catching up with the 2019 Digital Inclusion Fellows

December 9, 2019
Digital Inclusion Fellows launch and run projects to build digital skills in their communities. The 2019 cohort shares what they've learned.

Welcome to four new board members!

December 6, 2019
As 2019 comes to a close, NTEN welcomes four new board members. They share their thoughts about being invited to join the board.

The digital home of nonprofits is under attack

November 22, 2019
The Internet Society is selling control of .ORG to Ethos, a private equity firm. Read the letter NTEN and 26 organizations have sent protesting this betrayal.

You’re not serious about equity if you don’t post salaries

November 19, 2019
All posts to the NTEN job board require a salary or range. Read why we made this decision and why your organization should too.

Nominations are open for the 2020 Pizzigati Prize

November 12, 2019
You can nominate someone to receive $10,000 for creating or leading an open-source software product of significant value to the nonprofit sector.

4 digital communication & fundraising recommendations for NGOs worldwide

October 31, 2019
The 2019 annual report from Nonprofit Tech for Good explores how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide use technology.