Your Tips for NTC Part 2: Discover Minneapolis

We previously posted your tips for navigating the NTC itself, but a fun part of the conference is also exploring the Minneapolis area. Once again, the NTEN community was full of recommendations for great places to check out on your NTC trip.

But first, a little guidance from Janet Michelson. If you hear the term “The Cities”, it refers to Minneapolis and St Paul, once known as the twin cities. Most people now refer to “The Cities” as any of the attached suburbs as well as Minneapolis or St Paul.

Good Eats and Drinks

Sangeetha Sarma and Caroline Ritter both recommend the 112 Eatery. Sangeetha has also heard good reviews from others about The Bachelor Farmer. Mike Lee and Melissa Maki can attest to the fun ambiance and tastiness of Hell’s Kitchen. Melissa also suggests Keys Cafe for a bite to eat.

If it’s sandwiches you’re after, Candi Obrentz encourages you to try Eichten’s Market in Center City for lunch. Richard Matson-Daley insists on paying a visit to the Mid-Town Global Market and exploring the multicultural food of University Avenue in St. Paul.

“Go for the Juicy Lucy”, says Jeff Abramo. Ok, let’s be clear; the Juicy Lucy is a burger that can be found at the 5-8 Club (which is a restaurant).

Need something to wash down all these tasty eats? Josh Langholz advises having some good beers in the Far Side Pub. Carolyn also attests to the fantastic drinks at Bradstreet Crafthouse. Marvel Bar has been recommended to Sangeetha as a good place to imbibe. And no NTC would be complete without the annual #ntcbeer NTC Beerfest. Now in its fifth year running, the #ntcbeer NTC Beerfest event brings fellow nonprofit techies together to meet and greet before NTC. 

Not-To-Be-Missed Sites

In between conference activities and eating great food, there’s a number of sites in Minneapolis you will want to get to. Small Act staffer, Annie Lynsen, recommends art museums and the Nicollet mall. Nathan Smith is particularly fond of the Walker Sculpture Garden.

Looking to learn more about the city? Discover more about Minneapolis and get more ideas for your sight-seeing plans.  

Now that you have lots of places to go, you’ll have to know how to get there. Luckily we have Minneapolis local, Jason Samuels, who created several maps to help everyone out. Here’s his map of Cheap Eats, Coffee, and Shops near the Minneapolis Hilton and another map directing you to dining out on the town.  If you have your own favorites to add to either of these maps, send Jason a tweet and he will add you as a collaborator.

Want more NTC advice? Check out our conference tips. Have more Minneapolis suggestions to add? Share them in the comments!