Strategery and Technology: Or Why You Too Can Be a Tech Leader (even if all you know how to do is program a VCR)

Imagine you’re a leader (with a great background in all of those things that the mysterious “they” tell you you need to be sucessful as a nonprofit leader) and someone starts talking about IT and technology, and how you need to have a strategic technology plan in addition to your organizational plan. Or even better, have that technology strategic plan be an integrated element of your overall strategic plan (you know, the one you just spent ALOT of money on writing, with input from everyone and the kitchen sink).

And the closest you’ve ever come to being an expert on technology or IT is reprogramming your VCR.

Don’t worry. NTEN has got you covered. Our incredible community provides resources like the webinar featured on July 25, where Lisa Rau talks about this very subject, Strategic Leadership: What a Nonprofit Leader Really Needs to Know about IT, or if you’re just starting out, be part of our Nonprofit Tech Academy. Been doing this for a while and need some personalized resources? Check out our Communities of Practice, and don’t forget whether you’re a beginner or a journeyman, NTEN’s extensive research archives are always there to help you succeed.

Still a little worried or overwhelmed? That’s okay too. One of the best things about being part of our community is being able to talk about the failings and shortfalls you experience as you explore how best to take the next step in using technology to manage your mission. Being that person to think up big ideas is a scary. And when you start doing the analysis of your internal and external environment and even scarier, thinking about how you’re going to allocate the precious resources and energy of you and your staff… well, only the brave and committed survive.

And if you know how to program a VCR, could someone send me instructions? My three year old just discovered my old stash of VHS tapes and I’ll admit, I’m clueless. (Yes, we still watch the VHS here in Portland, while drinking amazing coffee.)