Smart QR Codes Capture the Inspiration to Give

Nonprofits work hard to to create the inspiration to give. Maybe it’s a special performance or dinner, perhaps it’s the personal story someone delivers one-on-one during a fund-raising drive or just the simple pleasure that comes from visiting an exhibit, park or recreational area operated by a nonprofit organization.

How do you capture that inspiration when someone is away from their computer, checkbook or do not have the right cash in their wallet? We all know from personal experience as givers and fundraisers that the day-to-day realities of our busy lives frequently intrude to derail these good intentions.

The answer is smart QR codes and smartphones. We see QR codes everywhere and many of us have scanned these codes with our iPhones™ or Android phones. Sadly, current usage of “dumb” QR codes by companies and nonprofits is typically a complete waste of time for the smartphone user. They usually fail to deliver a “call-to-action”, frequently deliver redundant information and the target web pages are generally not adapted for mobile devices.

“Smart” QR codes can be linked to a real-time, smartphone “donation box” to capture the inspiration to give—here and now—before that good intention walks away. Using the QR code scan as a call-to-action engages the prospective giver in a way that just delivering more information on a browser page can’t do it.

Nonprofits can create their own browser-based “donation boxes” linked to a QR code or use third-party service providers with smartphone apps and back-end services to handle this complex task for them. Whatever they do, they should use “smart” QR codes in the spirit of smartphone usage…make it easy and make it simple. A few quick taps and the donation is captured.

Smart QR codes can help connect nonprofits to over 100 million smartphone users in the United States. Don’t let the inspiration to give become another donation that just “walks away”.

This article is published as part of NTEN’s Member Appreciation Month.

Gary Ebersole
Good Karma Now
Gary Ebersole is co-founder of Good Karma Now, a startup social enterprise in Boulder, Colorado.