Recommendations & Resources from the Digital Adoption Report

Earlier this summer, we released the 2015 Digital Adoption Report. Today, we wanted to share some further recommendations and resources that complement the report’s findings.

This addendum includes takeaways on the following topics:

  • Nonprofit adoption
  • The cost of doing business
  • The whole is greater than the parts
  • Adoption rates, and assumptions v. reality
  • Thought leaders, best practices

> Download the Recommendations & Resources of the 2015 Digital Adoption Report!

Why this report: Sixty million Americans do not have Internet access in their homes. That statistic is alarming, and is precisely what drove NTEN and Mobile Citizen to launch this report, which provides benchmarks and qualitative data about online technology and digital inclusion efforts among nonprofits and the communities that they serve.

Read the report and recommendations and want to learn more? Join a webinar on December 10 with Mobile Citizen and NTEN to review the Digital Adoption Report findings, discuss case studies from organizations at varying levels of adoption and digital inclusion efforts, and learn what steps you can take to better connect your constituents with your services.