How do you engage online? Results of an online platform survey

We asked and you answered! We recently surveyed the community to get your perspectives on online platforms. Although we ask for feedback about NTEN’s programs and services each year in the Community Survey, this survey focused generally on online platforms and community engagement so everyone could share specific comments and suggestions based on the tools or online networks they use.

The results are in and we’d like to share some of the key findings from the survey!

Trust and information sharing provide value:

People reported participating in online groups when it is a trusted group of others in the same field and found it validating to share experiences, get and receive help, crowdsource solutions to a problem, share ideas, and learn from others.

People over products:

Respondents consistently ranked options for finding and connecting to people (like member directory, jobs board, consultant directory) higher than products (like vendor directory), reinforcing that the value in online groups is in the peer network.

Mobile is important:

Whether we’re participating during the day from a desktop computer or on the go from our mobile phone, respondents said that clean design, mobile friendly access, and various options for notifications are all preferred for an online group platform.   

Ratings aren’t necessary:

One survey result that caught our eye was the very low ranking on the ability to rate discussions. This is a common attribute to platforms where “up rated” threads or responses are moved up the page. The low ranking on this attribute and the fairly high rankings on the option for private groups tells us that it is really about the peer to peer exchange and not public standing that brings people together.

Our community is the best source of input for us and we take your responses very seriously. If you missed your chance to give us your feedback, you still can! We’ve kept the survey open, so please feel free to add your voice to the mix