Benchmark your org’s tech effectiveness with our free tool

Tech Accelerate is a free benchmarking tool designed to help you and your staff understand where to invest in improving your technology plans, policies, and infrastructure. We regularly hear from organizations of all sizes and mission areas that the custom reports from Tech Accelerate enable them to better understand their priorities, orient staff and board on a shared vision for their technology, and even fundraise for needed investment.

For the first time last year, we provided an opportunity for organizations in the U.S. and Canada to apply for small cash awards to help move their tech adoption forward. It was so popular that we’re not only bringing back the opportunity, we’re expanding it!

Bring your Tech Accelerate Report to 20NTC

If you’re joining us in Baltimore for 20NTC, complete your organization’s Tech Accelerate assessment before you leave so you can bring your custom report to the conference. Microsoft is staffing its on-site lounge with experts across a diversity of topics to help you get answers and make plans for improving your score and organizational capacity. No appointment is necessary. Bring your report with you and get the support you need!

Updated March 11: 20NTC is canceled.

Cash awards available for completed Assessments

Organizations that complete their free Tech Accelerate assessment by Friday, April 17, 2020, can apply for a small cash award to invest in improving your organization’s technology effectiveness. We have two $1,000 awards, five $500 awards, and five $100 awards available this year. These awards may be a small piece of the project budget you need, but we hope it’s a start and an incentive to continue progressing.

Applications for the awards will be emailed to all organizations with completed assessments.

Our thanks to Microsoft for its support of Tech Accelerate.

Amy Sample Ward
Amy is driven by a belief that the nonprofit technology community can be a movement-based force for positive change. Their prior experience in direct service, policy, philanthropy, and capacity-building organizations has fueled Amy's work to create meaningful, inclusive, and compassionate community engagement and educational opportunities for organizations around the world. As the CEO of NTEN, Amy inspires the NTEN team and global partners to believe in community-generated change. Amy believes technology can help nonprofits reach their missions more effectively and equitably, but doing so takes intention and investment in training, access, and collaboration.