5 Questions for Share Roman

Share Roman headshot

The NTEN team is now fully staffed. We’re thrilled to tell you that Share Roman has joined NTEN as our first Impact Coordinator! They kindly indulged us as we played our favorite game, 5 Questions.

You’re a wonderful community organizer. What are your favorite parts about and reason for being a community organizer? 

I think witnessing the excitement, passion, and anger it takes to get people involved in the work that seems to not have an end date. I’ve also found joy in the recruitment process of organizing. Connecting with fellow anxiety-ridden people who want to create change has gifted me with a chosen family and a deeper investment in movement work.

What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind? Why?

I honestly don’t know if I have mastered unwinding yet.

What is your favorite dish to eat? 

Hear me out. Tuna Fish casserole, but made with ramen.

You’re an artist! What are your favorite ways to express yourself and your artistry?

Poetry. I show up as my whole self through my poetry. It is the only form of art that I feel the most safe and authentic in. I used to do photography, hard runner up!

Any books, podcasts, or artists you’d like to recommend?

Absolutely! Podcasts: The Read,  POWER NOT PITY, and NPR News Now.

Artists: Prince BriJet Toomer, Queer Kanaka

Books: This Bridge Called My Back

Tristan Penn
Senior Manager of Equity and Accountability
Tristan is originally from Central Kansas and is a citizen of the Navajo Nation. Tristan went to college at KU in Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). He moved to Portland in 2014 and he loves it! He has worked in nonprofit for the past 16 years with primarily Boys & Girls Clubs and Youth Development Organizations and is passionate about nonprofit community engagement, organizational best practices, youth development, as well as diversity, equity & inclusion.

Tristan began his professional DEI work with Pacific Educational Group's three-year cohort/professional development initiative "Beyond Diversity: Courageous Conversations" while working for Boys & Girls Club and Lawrence Public School in 2009. Additionally, coupled with his lived experience as a Black and Navajo Professional, Tristan has served on previous organizations' Equity Teams and has been a facilitator for DEI (rooted in Racial Equity) in the workplace and nonprofit programming.

Tristan earned a B.S. from the University of Kansas in Psychology - Child and Family Development with a Minor in Classical Greek Antiquity and is currently working towards his Masters in Organizational Leadership and Psychology from Colorado State University.

In his free time, Tristan likes to sample the beers that Portland's breweries have to offer, go to shows, lift weights, watch KU basketball, travel, socialize with friends, and spoil his niece and nephews.