Working at NTEN

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We are not currently hiring for any positions on the team but will post here when any positions are open.

Who We Are

NTEN is run by a team of smart, passionate, and quirky individuals who are committed to using technology for social change. A registered nonprofit, we serve 7,500 members and a broader nonprofit community of over 100,000.

Our programs help nonprofit professionals connect, learn, and change by creating spaces for them to learn more about how technology can help them meet their missions, connect with other people working in the sector, and advocate for the change they know is needed.

Our Values and our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion guide our decisions and interactions internally and with our community every day.

What Working at NTEN is Like

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion includes policies specific to various groups in our community, including staff.

NTEN regularly reviews and improves our recruitment, hiring, orientation, and retention practices to employ diverse staff and create opportunities for every staff member to be their best and whole selves through their work with NTEN.

We expect all staff to recognize that they represent NTEN in-person and online, in the office and beyond, with words and actions that meet our Commitment and lead by example for our community. This includes not speaking on panels or at events where the speaker lineup is not diverse and ensuring that written contributions we author include a diversity of voices and perspectives.

Employee Benefits

To support staff in being their best and whole selves, we:

  • are an equal opportunity employer.
  • cover the cost of Health, Dental, and Vision benefits at 100% for an eligible employee, and 60% for a spouse, child, or registered domestic partner.
  • provide access to an optional Simple IRA plan with a 3% match.
  • provide access to an optional Flexible Spending Account for pre-tax funds for medical and/or dependent care costs.

Work/Life Integration Support

We recognize the value in supporting the needs of staff outside of work and that investing in staff’s ability to take care of themselves and their families enables them to do their best work. In this effort, we:

  • provide flexible work schedules and locations (between the office and home).
  • provide 160 hours (20 days) of PTO during the first year of employment and 200 hours (25 days) each year after, as well as ten paid flexible holidays.
  • provide Short Term Disability service that covers 60% of salary.
  • offer Parental Leave for parents of any gender who have newly become parents, including holding the job for at least 12 weeks with 6 weeks paid and the other 6 weeks unpaid that can be covered through PTO, or covered with Short Term Disability.
  • offer payroll advances as needed for staff.
  • provide bereavement leave inclusive of direct and extended family as well as miscarriage.
  • provide paid time off to vote.
  • are a dog-friendly office.

Professional Growth

We recognize the importance of professional development for staff, our organization, and the nonprofit sector as a whole. To support this, we provide:

  • performance evaluations including after the first 90 days and then every 6 months.
  • training to complete the tasks and goals specific to the job.
  • training to advance relevant professional skills.
  • budget to cover costs associated with attending conferences, accessing online courses, and purchasing of books or other materials.
  • support, training, and budget to cover the costs of applying to and presenting at conferences and events.