NTEN Community Values

As part of our work assessing where we are as a community and where we want to be, we articulated a set of values that we want the NTEN community to embody – in spirit, in program, and in action.

They are:

  • We are practical dreamers. We believe in the power of technology to make the world a better and more just place for all.
  • We are the community where people involved in nonprofit technology connect to share ideas, tools, and resources.
  • We are a stage and a platform for your voices, ideas, and debates on technology-related issues that affect us all in our work.
  • We are accountable to you and to your needs and strive to engage, listen, and be responsive to you, our members, in all that we do.
  • We strive to be authentic and honest in all of our communications so our community knows that we say what we mean forthrightly, and mean what we say.
  • We embrace change. We work in a dynamic, ever-changing field and are responsive to new ideas, innovations, technology, and market changes.
  • We walk the talk. We want to surface new ideas and tools within this community, and we want to demonstrate, experiment, and play with them. We are eager to adopt the tools and practices that will matter in this sector.
  • We believe that laughter, irreverence, fun, and a deep joy about what is possible are essential to our work.