NTEN’s Values

Integrity and Compassion

We act with courage and operate with transparency. We are honest and kind to ourselves, each other, and our community.

Excellence and Savvy

We hold ourselves—as individuals and as a team—accountable for high-quality work that prioritizes creativity, reflection, intention, and sustainability. We are professionals with valuable expertise that we actively share with the community.

Community and Humanity

We are accessible and inclusive in our practices and programs, centering our members and the larger nonprofit technology community in our decisions. We value the knowledge of our experienced and diverse community. We find ways to have fun, enjoy life, and celebrate the human side of technology while recognizing the critical impact of our work and the work of the nonprofit sector.

NTEN equity statement

NTEN believes the diversity of experiences, ideas, individuals, and organizations in our community and the sector makes us stronger. To create a more just and engaged world, we must embrace and celebrate diversity, practice inclusion, and exercise our role as a champion of equity.

We recognize diversity in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Class and economic circumstance
  • Disability, mental illness, and neurodiversity
  • Education and professional experience
  • Geography and community size or location
  • Immigration status
  • Language
  • Physical appearance and body size
  • Race, ethnicity, and country of origin or nationality
  • Religion
  • Sex, gender, and gender identity
  • Sexual identity

We accept that our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion means a commitment to constant learning—we will make mistakes, but we are determined to learn from them and to improve.

To be transparent and realistic, we also acknowledge that our capacity as an organization means we cannot always implement inclusive measures to the level that we may like (such as providing content in multiple languages).

Intentional practices and policies for diversity, equity, and inclusion enable us to better reach our mission and engage a range of perspectives, voices, and experiences in all that NTEN does. We expect that all NTEN community members similarly make commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion to make our shared work and our world better.