Michelle Samplin-Salgado

Art Director

Pronouns: she/her


Michelle cares deeply about creating things that matter and is passionate about the role of design to inspire change.

Before coming to NTEN, she designed public health campaigns, messages, and strategic communications around HIV, family planning, and tobacco cessation. She also taught a graduate-level course on the role of design and public health. Earlier she oversaw communications activities at the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention.

Primarily self-taught, Michelle studied art and design in Boston and Miami after taking loads of summer and afterschool art classes as a little girl growing up in Phoenix. She attended school in Tucson and Honolulu, was a research fellow in Vietnam, and volunteered with the Peace Corps in Ecuador. When not designing something, chances are Michelle is riding her bike to a yoga class. On a really good day, she might be scuba diving.

In 2014, after an icy 14 years in Boston, Michelle moved to Miami Beach, where she lives with her husband.

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