Daniel Fellini

Web Development Manager

Dan comes to NTEN with a long history of nonprofit technology work, starting in public broadcasting, and most recently in several roles, including vice president of media, at the global nonprofit One Economy Corp.

Dan has been fascinated with technology since he was a child. His first real computer was a Commodore 64, a small piece of technology that opened his eyes and changed his life forever.

As a developer, project manager and producer, Dan has a long and varied list of technical accomplishments that spans over 15 years. He was part of a team that built public broadcasting’s first social networking app that tied stations and shows together with listeners and viewers. He was executive producer of a cutting-edge web video and blog network for low-income people. He built a popular webapp for Car Talk that let automobile owners have targeted discussions and get updates about their favorite cars. Along the way, he’s built dozens of WordPress sites.

Dan is passionate about his work, but he also loves his adopted city, Portland, and all that it has to offer: hiking, biking, camping, The Timbers, and even the weather (mostly). He lives in a restored bungalow with his wife and the best dog ever of all time. Ever.