The NTEN staff combines decades of experience as activists and community organizers with deep knowledge of the nonprofit sector.

Working from our homes across the U.S., we understand firsthand the challenges of navigating our work and personal lives during the pandemic. As a powerful addition to our shared lived experience, it re-enforces our commitment to emphasizing nonprofit knowledge over tech expertise in our hiring.

Find out what it’s like to work at NTEN, and view any available job openings.


Amy Sample Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Amy is driven by a belief that technology should be accessible and accountable to everyone, especially communities historically and systemically excluded from the digital world. Their prior experience in direct ( more... )

Andrea Post

Conference Director

I'm an event planner who creates spaces for activists, advocates, and change-makers to connect. I've been running the "how many appetizers will we need" math in my head for decades. ( more... )

Ash Shepherd

Chief Program Officer

I got my first job in the nonprofit sector when I was 18. It was at a group home that served girls between 12 and 18. Very soon after starting, ( more... )

Daniel Fellini

Senior Web Development Manager

The first time I got in any real trouble at school was when I hacked an Apple II to act like Joshua from the movie WarGames. When the teacher approached ( more... )

Drew Pizzolato

Senior Program and Product Manager

I joined the NTEN team in 2016 to co-manage the Digital Inclusion Fellowship. Before NTEN, as part of a research team at Portland State University, I supported service and research ( more... )

Eileigh Doineau

Senior Development Manager

I'm a landscape architect by training but found my way to the nonprofit sector by teaching environmental education to middle school kids. These days I spend a lot less time ( more... )

Jarlisa Corbett

Office and Admin Coordinator

I have a background in communications, arts administration, and youth development. My advocacy work has included making things within community organizing more equitable and accessible, in which technology plays a ( more... )

Jeremy Garcia

Senior Program Manager

After separating from the military, I went back to school to pursue a new path in life and higher education. Halfway through my college experience, I crossed paths with AmeriCorps ( more... )

Jude Parker Koski

Membership and Community Director

I have dedicated my career to serving marginalized communities through work in the nonprofit sector since 1996. I have helped youth experiencing homelessness access education, advocated for LGBTQIA+ youth and ( more... )

Karl Hedstrom

IT Director

I believe strongly in the power of technology to make our world a better place. While serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger (2004–06), I experienced firsthand many of ( more... )

Lauren Gall

Administrative Assistant

Lauren joined the NTEN team as their administrative assistant in January 2014. She is co-owner of VaVa Virtual Assistants, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. With over 7 years of administrative ( more... )

Leana Mayzlina

Senior Program Manager

I'm passionate about embracing technology to achieve transformative social change. I believe that solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges can be found in grassroots communities from Chile to ( more... )

Michelle Samplin-Salgado

Art Director

Michelle cares deeply about creating things that matter and is passionate about the role of design to inspire change. Before coming to NTEN, she designed public health campaigns, messages, and ( more... )

Pattie Carlin

Finance and Operations Director

I started in nonprofits when I was recruited to conduct interviews for a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant evaluation of wraparound services for kids and families ( more... )

Samara Islam

Program Coordinator

I was born and did most of my growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I moved to the Pacific Northwest with my family at the beginning of high school and have ( more... )

Share Roman

Impact Coordinator

I am a community organizer, artist, and activist. I move through the world as a Black and South Asian (dougla) first-gen person with ancestry in Jamaica, West Indies. My organizing ( more... )

Thomas Negron

Communications Director

I spent a decade in the advertising industry before joining the nonprofit sector in 2009. Social media had started gaining traction in organizations and I was interested in how nonprofits ( more... )

Tristan Penn

Senior Manager of Equity and Accountability

Tristan is originally from Central Kansas and is a citizen of the Navajo Nation. Tristan went to college at KU in Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). He moved to Portland ( more... )