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Amy Sample Ward


Amy is dedicated to educating and supporting organizations in using technology to create meaningful community engagement and make lasting change. Whether it is by connecting individuals, organizations, campaigns, or possibilities, ( more... )

Andrea Post

Conference Director

Andrea plans gatherings. She thrives on creating the spaces for activists, advocates, and changemakers to connect. She started her career as an organizer on political campaigns, did her obligatory time as ( more... )

Ash Shepherd

Education Director

Ash has been in love with the nonprofit sector for nearly two decades, where he has worked in the areas of conservation, environmental education, social work, youth program development, and ( more... )

Daniel Fellini

Web Development Manager

Dan comes to NTEN with a long history of nonprofit technology work, starting in public broadcasting, and most recently in several roles, including vice president of media, at the global ( more... )

Drew Pizzolato

Digital Inclusion Campaign Manager

Drew is committed to building pathways to digital access and digital literacy. Through his participation in a series of related projects, from managing a multi-state digital literacy initiative under the ( more... )

Eileigh Doineau

Development Manager

Arriving at NTEN has been a happy bend in the road for Eileigh, who comes from a background in environmental design and English literature. After a year in AmeriCorps teaching ( more... )

James Sigala

Education Program Manager

James has a passion for understanding the connection between people, and technology systems. He’s dedicated to helping nonprofits leverage technology for training, professional development and expanding organization capacity. He is ( more... )

Karl Hedstrom

IT Director

Karl joined the NTEN team back in 2006 as an AmeriCorps CTC VISTA Volunteer, and then stayed on after accepting a position as NTEN’s Data and Systems Manager. After working ( more... )

Lauren Gall

Administrative Assistant

Lauren joined the NTEN team as their administrative assistant in January 2014. She is co-owner of VaVa Virtual Assistants, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. With over 7 years of administrative ( more... )

Leana Mayzlina

Senior Digital Inclusion Campaign Manager

Leana is passionate about embracing technology to achieve transformative social change.  She believes that solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges can be found in grassroots communities from Chile ( more... )

Lyndal Cairns

Membership & Engagement Director

Lyndal Cairns is committed to building stronger nonprofits as though our very existence depends on them. Because it does. After a decade as a newspaper and online journalist, she devoted ( more... )

Pattie Carlin

Finance & Operations Director

Pattie has over fourteen years of experience in nonprofit administration as well as formal and independent studies on issues of leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has spent most of ( more... )