Fund Nonprofit Technology Capacity Building

For twenty years, NTEN has led the nonprofit sector in building technology capacity for organizations of all sizes and mission-focus. As programs rapidly shift to online delivery, nonprofit staff need training and on-going support more than ever. Partner with NTEN to strengthen your grantees with the skills and knowledge they need to address their communities’ urgent needs.

NTEN joins the Technology Association of Grantmakers and NetHope in calling on funders to support nonprofit technology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Nonprofits need support from funders that recognizes the entire cost of their work — work that is critical for communities across the globe right now. The full cost of digital infrastructure is significant. It includes not only the hardware and software to shift virtual teams and program delivery, but also the skills and training to select, implement, and use these tools. Investing in NTEN’s programs supports diverse organizations across the U.S. and beyond. Our programs combine community, training, and support for real change inside organizations and in their work.

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We value partnerships with corporate funders and foundations. These partnerships always start in dialogue to find the best way to increase the skills and capacity of those you serve. Please provide your contact information and Amy Sample Ward, NTEN's CEO, will follow up with you to start conversation about the way we can best collaborate.