501Tech Club Organizer Resources

We want to be sure 501Tech organizers have all the tools and support you need to be successful in growing the local nonprofit technology community. Below you will find resources and links to help get your group set up and running. If there’s ever something you need that’s not on this list, just let us know!

Tech Club Charter

The charter outlines NTEN’s expectations for club leaders and club management, as well as what local organizers can expect from NTEN.  It’s never set in stone, but instead is used as a jumping off point towards a mutual understanding of how each club will run. 

Supply Request Form

NTEN can provide a number of meeting supplies and give-aways (think NPTech books, t-shirts, webinar passes and more) for your meetings.  Typically, we send care packages that include name tags, pens and prizes.  Fill out the form to request a Tech Club care package, if there’s something else you think you’ll need, just let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you.

Tech Club Leaders Affinity Group

This is a private group for 501Tech Club Organizers.  Use the listserv or blog functions to connect with other organizers, or share your tips and helpful documents in the wiki.

NTEN.org Event Calendar

List your 501Tech Club meetings on the nten.org event calendar.  You can submit your event here.