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A 501 Tech Club meetup in San Francisco: Photo by Lauren GrauA 501 Tech Club meetup in San Francisco: Photo by Lauren GrauNTEN 501 Tech Clubs are informal local groups that meet regularly to get to know their colleagues, develop a professional support network, and talk shop. The groups usually meet in coffee shops, bars, or a member's office. Topics for these gatherings range from networking happy hours to full presentations, group discussions to panel Q and A, and everything in between. 

501 Tech Clubs also have an online space on NTEN where they can network by creating profiles, holding discussions, and maintaining shared resources. All of these conversations are stored in the groups online space and are open for anyone to join and participate, whether they are an NTEN member or not.

It's easy to join your local 501 Tech Club - just look for the group closest to you, sign up and create your profile, and go to the next meeting.

Below are our current 501 Tech Clubs, but new ones are always forming. If you don't see a group near you, find out more about what it takes to start one.

NTEN 501 Tech Clubs (North America)





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NTEN 501 Tech Clubs (Europe)



"I'm a Tech Club organizer because it's the best way to find your tribe! Six years ago I moved to a new city and I didn’t know anybody. Being a Tech Club organizer turned me into a community hub – I quickly met all the key players in my sector, many of whom have become friends. It can be hard to find your fellow local nptech-ies without a Tech Club!"

Eli van der Giessen, Vancouver Net2/501 Tech Club Organizer 

"I help organize several other monthly events and I enjoy my work with PDXTech4Good the most particularly because of our post-event meetings. Just an extra hour every month and I feel much more connected to my co-organizers and to our mission."

Bethany Lister, PDXTech4Good Organizer 

"We're gaining traction, but most importantly we are starting to feel like we're creating a nice community around nonproift technology. In the end, it's about the people besides the exchange of tech information."

Amy Quinn, Denver Tech Club Organizer