Nonprofit Tech Academy

"Nonprofit leaders, the NTA is the tech training program you've been looking for."

- Summer 2014 NTA participant


NTEN believes that technology is less like science fiction and more like the oversight of accounting: you don't need to be a CPA to manage your organization's finances, but you do need to understand key concepts to make the right decisions for your organization.

To that end, the Nonprofit Tech Academy's (NTA) mission is to build technology leadership so that you and your organization can leverage tech to move more efficiently and happily toward your mission.

What is the NTA? 

The NTA is an eight-week training that focuses on building technology readiness and leadership in your organization. Guided by experts from the nonprofit technology sector, the NTA is delivered through on-demand and weekly collaborative web conferences, worksheets, and resources for each topic, and regular discussions to ensure you have opportunities to learn, connect, and put those concepts to use. View a sample curriculum.

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Who Should Participate?

  • Nonprofit staff who want high-quality training content, work well in an e-learning environment, and have a commitment to collaboration and inquiry. 
  • People who would label themselves in the novice to intermediate level of understanding how and why technology and nonprofits intersect.
  • People who can spend at least 5-8 hours per week attending webinars, doing assigned reading and homework, and crafting a final project plan.
  • Ideally, more than one person in an organization. We highly recommend that each participating organization enroll at least two people in the NTA. We have found that having both an executive level staffer and a technology responsible staffer distributes the work, contributes to buy-in across the organization or team, and ensures that the lessons learned are actually put into practice.

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Why should my organization participate?

 Besides the learning benefits and increased technology capacity at your organization, your full participation makes you eligible for some enticing extra benefits if you complete and meet the course requirements and expectations:

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How much does it cost to participate?

Thanks to the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, NTEN is able to offer the NTA at no charge to qualifying organizations who are eligible to receive financial assistance. To qualify, your organization:

  • Must be a nonprofit or NGO
  • Must have an operating budget of less than $2 million dollars per year

For organizations who do not meet those requirements, the NTA features a tiered pricing structure based on the size of your organization:

  • Operating budget of $2-10 million: $250
  • Operating budget more than $5 million: $150

This fee will pay for two members of your staff to take part in the eight week training and allow access to on-demand archives of the sessions. If you would like to enroll a larger team or wish to participate in the NTA as a single participant, please contact Ash Shepherd, NTEN's Education Director, to discuss rates. 

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Do I have to apply? When's the next deadline?

You must complete the application form to demonstrate that you are committed and will participate fully. The application also helps NTEN assess your organization's technology needs to help us best place you in a cohort and provide you with a strong peer network. Applicants should remember:

  1. The application is to be completed by the person or people who will participate in the program.
  2. We strongly recommend that participants attend the weekly webinars and complete the readings and homework.
  3. Acceptance to the Academy is also contingent upon organizational capacity (a desire to turn NTA training into substantive organizational change) and clarity of focus (on your specific tech needs and challenges). 
  4. Application deadlines for the current cohort: Applications have closed. The next cohort will begin in October, 2015, with class webinars taking place every Tuesday from 11:00am-12:30pm Pacific.
  5. Systems requirements: A reliable phone & internet connection will be required to participate.

If you have questions, please contact NTEN Education Director, Ash Shepherd.