Your People Are Talking, Are You Listening? Increase Conversions Through Social Listening

The power of social listening isn’t about just replying to one off conversations. It’s about smart segmentation so you can send the right message today and not in next month’s newsletter. Social listening comes from tracking relevant search terms on your people, so when they say “your campaign”, you say “here’s our call to action”.

Learn how to use social listening to deliver personalized content at scale for higher campaign conversions.


  • What is social listening and how it increases campaign conversions through personalized content.
  • How to segment real-time social chatter and use social listening as a CRM targeting tool.
  • Find out who is already talking about your campaign topic or your organization, and engage the most influential people.

Jeanette Russell

Marketing Director
Jeanette is Marketing Director at As a longtime organizer and marketer, I'm dedicated to scaling progressive change through technology. During my 20 years in nonprofit tech and campaigning, I've created extensive partner networks, coalitions, spearheaded innovative campaigns and significantly increased revenue/funding for purpose driven ventures. 
 I currently serve as an advisory board member of JustGive, co-founded of the Montana chapter of the New Leaders Council and served on the board of the WildWest Institute. 
 Specialties: Inbound Marketing, Business Development, CRM's, Social Media, Fundraising and Advocacy.

Garth Moore

Senior Director, Digital North America


Sara Hughes


Colin Delany

Colin Delany is founder and editor of, a site that focuses on the tools and tactics of internet politics and online political advocacy. He is also the author of the comprehensive digital advocacy and politics guide, 'How to Use the Internet to Win in 2016'. Delany works as a consultant to help advocacy campaigns, nonprofits and political organizations around the world promote themselves through digital channels. He is also a sought-after trainer and speaker, writes for and is a contributing editor at Digital Politics Radio.

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