What!? You Mean There’s More to It than Just Writing Copy for a Fundraising Email?

Wow, you just wrote a GREAT fundraising email — but you’re not done yet. From how to incorporate images or video into your message, to crafting the perfect subject line, to the landing page design and copy, to what’s on the post action page, to the auto responder, and everything in between, this hands-on session will show you how to think (and write) like a pro when it comes to every aspect of your online fundraising campaign.

This will be a dynamic, round-table session with experts who have raised millions through email. Together, we’ll tackle your questions:

  • What should I change from one email to the next in a multi-part series?
  • What happens when someone clicks on DONATE or the SIGN THE PETITION link?
  • What should change on my landing page?
  • When and how should I make edits to my acknowledgements?
  • How many different versions do I need of all of this for my different audiences?
  • Plus: How to adjust the copy to maximize results if your campaign has other online components

You will come away with checklist for your next truly integrated campaign!


Tiffany Neill


Lautman, Maska, Neill & Co.
Tiffany Neill, CFRE, Partner Lautman Maska Neill & Company balances empathy for the non-profit viewpoint with an analytical view to help organizations realize their vision of a better world. It’s a unique combination that helps her recognize that every penny spent on fundraising initiatives is a resource that non profits must pull from their existing program and service budgets. She has consulted with many organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, House of Ruth, PCRM and Ronald McDonald Houses. A frequent speaker at industry meetings and seminars, Tiffany is a member of NTEN, the DMAW and AFP, and is past Chair of the Board of the Association for Direct Response Fundraising Counsel (ADRFCo). A graduate of Stanford University, she earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Ann Crowley

Vice President, Membership and Online Strategy

Human Rights Campaign
Ann is an accidental, but seasoned fundraiser with over 25 years of experience - 20 of them at HRC. Known as “The Boss,” Ann’s leadership has had unarguable impact - growing the HRC file of 60,000 rag-tag activists to one of the most respected brands in the business, with more than 1.5 million dedicated members and supporters. Her biggest claim-to-fame to date is leading HRC through the membership marketing efforts of two Supreme Court hearings and creating the “red logo” phenomenon across Facebook. Oh yeah, and raising about $20 million clams a year for equal rights.

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