Three Affordable Solutions: Use Open Data and Open Source Data Science to Reach Your Goals

Curious how nonprofits like yours are using open source tools and free open datasets better deliver on their missions? We’ll offer a peek at how these tools help different organization types reach their fundraising, operational, or online community outreach goals, particularly focusing on online Abuse management with Open Source tools.

We will review the technical components, built on Linux or Windows servers, or handling “Small Data” on your local machine. We will also share direct links to the source code and data files, walk through how to integrate such tools into your own systems, and leave plenty of time to discuss and plan ways our community can extend these tools and contribute back to the open source development teams both technically and from an end-user perspective.

Tools in focus will include open source data integration tools that can help you clean up and merge external open data sets, and open source analytical and predictive models that are written in free, open cross-platform statistical tools you may be already using – such as R or Python. We will also explain how to analyze the streams of data coming from the broader social media community such as Twitter to gain insights, and how to incorporate their greater intelligence into your reporting and visualization processes.

This session should be equally useful to a moderately technical audience and to general business users looking to discover how data science can directly be helpful to your key processes today.

This session will be a fully-inclusive interactive group Q&A on how you and your development teams can most effectively use these tools, and all audience members are invited to be part of the answering panel.


Steph Nagoski

Sr Data Scientist

Steph has over 2 decades of big data analysis, analytical modeling, and utilizing data science for smarter answers in medical data, social media and virtual worlds, currency exchanges and fraud/AML detection, and social abuse and spam prevention. They are currently learning more about applying these techniques in the greater Nonprofit space and excited to hear more about how data science can help you.

Paula Alves

Data Scientist

The Chief Self-Learner
Paula is data scientist currently consulting for a Fortune 500 Company in Silicon Valley. She loves to apply data science for good causes.

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